Starbucks Introduces Blossoming Peach Tea Latte in honour of Chinese New Year

Blossoming Peach Tea Latte

For the first time ever, Starbucks Canada has created a unique tea latte in celebration of Chinese New Year.  Beginning January 27th through February 16, customers in Toronto and Vancouver can order the Blossoming Peach Tea Latte, which is directly inspired by a popular beverage made in Starbucks China cafes. Peach Blossom is a traditional flower in China and a symbol of beauty, love and longevity. A popular Chinese New Year celebratory beverage in Starbucks China stores since 2008 made with black tea, Starbucks Canada’s interpretation caters to the country’s palate. The beverage begins with mellow and soothing Earl Grey tea and the delicate aroma of peach, combined with the richness of freshly steamed milk, topped with whipped cream and peach blossom sugar crystals.

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