{ Summer Favorites } Cold Brew Coffee Review

As an adult (and even more so as a parent) the need for caffeine is essential to survival. This is made even more apparent when summer break hits. With the sweltering heat that summer brings, I needed to find an alternative to my regular cup of joe. A couple years ago we discovered cold brew coffee and it has been our summer staple ever since!

What Is Cold Brew?

  • Iced coffee and cold brew are very different.
  • Cold brew is brewed in room temperature or cold water.
  • You need to steep the grounds for around 12-24 hours to make a smooth, rich brew!
  • Cold brewed coffee is 67 percent less acidic than hot-brewed, so less sugar is typically needed.
  • It is incredibly easy to make, simply course grind your coffee and add water!
  • The ratio of coffee to water is 1 cup of beans to approx 4 cups of water, it should be noted that it is a concentrate and that water, milk or cream should be added.
  • Cold brew isn’t just for the summer if you desire a hot coffee simply add boiling water.


One of our favorite things about drinking cold brew coffee is that you can make larger batches and store it in the fridge. It can then be stored for up to a week, this makes getting your morning coffee incredibly fast and efficient! You can brew the coffee in almost anything, including a mason jar, french press or a specialty cold brew pitcher.


Recently, Sara Meier from Pamper Chef sent me their brand new Cold Brew Coffee Pitcher to test out. Prior to receiving the pitcher, we had been making our coffee in a french press, which is definitely doable but not the best method.

About The Pitcher

  • A metal filter insert allows you to make your cold brew coffee.
  • It comes with a second insert which makes iced tea & infused water ( Yum!).
  • The silicone sleeve protects your hands if you’re making a hot beverage and helps you get a better grip when pouring.
  • The lid allows you to store brewed drinks in the fridge for up to a week.
  • Brews 5 cups ( 1.2 liters ).



  • The sleeve has a much finer mesh, allowing for less sediment in your coffee.
  • The silicone sleeve adds much-needed grip and style.
  • Easy clean-up with the filter.
  • The ability to also make iced tea and infused water.
  • A smoother brew, due to the decreased amount of sediment


  • A more expensive option than a mason jar or french press.
  • It is smaller than our 8 cup french press.

The Verdict

If you are looking for a cold brew pitcher that is easy to clean and makes a great cup of coffee then this is it! The ability to not only make coffee but also iced tea and infused water is a huge plus for me as well. However, if the price tag is a little on the high end for you, a french press works well. I would recommend if you are going to use it that you also strain it through some cheese cloth after straining it in the french press.


*Giveaway has ended!*


Sara has also generously offered a $25 gift certificate to giveaway to one lucky mama! So you can use it towards getting your caffeine fix and purchasing the awesome, cold brew pitcher. Or if you have had your eye on another one of their products ( I know I do!) you can use it to snag that as well!

Simply enter below!

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Are you as addicted to Pamper Chef as I am and looking for a great consultant?? I would highly recommend checking out Sara Meier, for a link to her website just click here! For the month of August Sara is offering 15% off any purchases over $100! Just contact Sara when ordering and mention this blog post!

*I was sent this product in exchange for this blog post, as always all my opinions are my own.*

* Feature photo courtesy of Shutterstock* * photos courtesy of Pampered Chef Canada*



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