Take Care Of Me When I’m Sick #LikeMomDoes

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Every November I am sadly reminded that cold & flu season is upon us. This because we are often struggling with an ailment of some kind spreading through our household right over our biggest birthday month of the year – two of my daughters have November birthdays two weeks apart.

It’s tough to struggle through sickness when you have special occasions! My aim is always to comfort the one who is sick while trying not to ruin the one who’s special occasion it is!

I have some pretty special memories of things my mom did for me and my sister when I was sick as a girl and as a result, my hope is that I can do just as great of a job with my girls when they are sick.

I remember one specific day that I was sick at home from school, I still recall the moment I was sitting on the stairs when my mom offered me pie. She made me chocolate pie from scratch on that day because I had stayed home sick!

Another memory I have is of falling asleep on the spare mattress in the guest room in the middle of the day and waking up to find my mom had brought my blanket and pillow in for me without waking me.

Another thing she did for me is crush pills in sugar water for me so that I could take medicine without the awful taste, so that I could feel better faster.

I remember how she would make me instant noodle soup in a mug so that I could sit on the couch and watch cartoons!

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As a teen it was just my sister, my mom and me on our own. My Mom’s role changes as she became our sole provider. She didn’t quite have the same amount of time to care for us when we were home sick, but she never stopped trying. She’d make sure we were cared for and even called in sick herself so that she could be home with us when we needed her.

My goal with my girls is to make them feel as loved and as cared for as my Mom did for me! It’s a feeling like none other, to have the love and care of your mother.

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