The 5 Benefits of Babywearing

Britax carrierOn October 28th, we held our Facebook ‘School of Mom’ event with Dr. Stephanie Boon of Coco Chiropractic and gave you the chance to win one of 11 Baby Carriers from Britax.  You can still enter, it’s not too late!  We have 11 to give away, deadline is Noon on October 31st.  Details below.

Let’s hear from Dr. Stephanie on what the benefits of babywearing are…

1 | One of the best advantages of babywearing is being hands-free!  This is especially useful as a multitasking mom when you could really use more than two hands for everything that needs to be accomplished.

2 | Another benefit is that it can really help settle a fussy infant especially in the evening when their nervous systems are fatigued.  They can often be settled by movement, your body’s warmth and the vibration of your voice.

3 | Babywearing can help with nursing.  If your infant is having trouble with breastfeeding, wearing your baby skin-to-skin will help physically and hormonally with their innate intelligence to nurse.

4 |Another benefit of babywearing (and this one’s huge!): babywearing can help foster your baby’s sleep cycle. This is more of an attachment-parenting style and can be more effort for mama but if your baby has trouble sleeping, both the movement and having the baby on you can support naps.

5 | Babywearing can actually help to strengthen your spine, core and your baby’s neck (similar to tummy-time).  It can be a workout carrying your little one and great to strengthen your abdominal muscles following 9 months of pregnancy.  This type of ‘tummy-time’ for your baby is usually preferred by them then putting them down on their tummy without you (which you still need to do but less so if you are babywearing).

(For forward facing carriers, the most important thing is proper sacroiliac and hip support so the spine and pelvis aren’t under strain.)

For see all of the discussion check out the event here.

Thank you to britax_logofor sponsoring this School of Mom!

Enter here to win one of 11 Britax Baby Carriers!  (Ends Halloween at Noon)

Thank you to Dr. Stephanie Boon from Coco Chiropractic for leading our discussion!



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