The Basics of Flower Etiquette


Flowers accompany people from the moment they are born to the moment they pass away – birthdays, engagements, professional or family holidays, declarations of love, apologies for offenses, congratulations on promotions or retirement – there is no wrong moment to send flowers to somebody. They help express feelings and emotions, speak with no words or when words are not enough.

Importance of Giving Flowers Correctly

Very often, we give flowers because of both emotional impulse and necessity. But we don’t always think whether the flowers as a gift convey our attitude towards the recipient, whether the bouquet matches the nature of the congratulations, or whether it is appropriate in a particular situation. As is usually the case, we give flowers that we like. But very rarely do we think about whether the other person will be pleased to receive them. In this situation, flower etiquette becomes quite useful.

An elegant bouquet of flowers should be properly arranged, which is what florists do, but also appropriately presented. When choosing expert flower delivery Edmonton services, you can rest assured you will get perfect and appropriate bouquet, as well as ensure that it will be properly delivered:

  1. The courier should arrive at the particular time to match the moment.
  2. The flowers should be presented to the recipient after the introduction and with explanation.
  3. If the occasion is positive, then the courier should give flowers with a smile to support the positive moment.

Reasons To Send Flowers to A Man

It is a common myth that mostly women receive flowers. This myth though is slowly but steadily disappearing. It’s quite usual now to send flowers to a man. For example, on the following occasions:

  1. Birthday
  2. Launch of the project
  3. Presentation
  4. Award ceremony
  5. Retirement party

Tips On Choosing the Right Bouquet

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to make the right choice of flowers. Here are some important tips to help you make the perfect choice in some situations:

  1. If you are choosing a bouquet for a man, then a simple and laconic one with no excessive decoration will be a good choice.
  2. For a more impressive effect, choose compound gifts – for example, flowers and a box of sweets.
  3. When giving flowers to a very young person, prefer flowers of pastel colors
  4. The older the person you are choosing flowers for is, the more elegant should be the bouquet.


Pay a few moments to learn some details of the flower etiquette and the flowers you present to send will always be perfect while their recipients pleased.

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