Stay at Home Valentine’s Day Dates


Don’t feel comfortable going out during Covid? Can’t find a babysitter? Would rather stay at home anyway? Here are some stay at home Valentine’s Day date ideas for the whole family, as well as for just mom and dad, after the kids go to bed.

Family Date Night Ideas

1.) Play a board game together. Buy a new one that you’ve never played before or break out an old favorite.

2.) Have older kids make dinner and serve you. Have them come up with the menu and take care of all the details. Let them spoil you for once.

3.) Plan an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket in the living room. Pack food in a basket. Enjoy finger foods.

4.) Have a dance party. Find a favorite music station. Play freeze dance. Make up new dances.

5.) Have a craft night. Make each other Valentine’s Day card. Make tissue paper flowers. Make heart decorations for the walls with construction paper. The possibilities are endless.


6.) Have a video game marathon. Play games that you can all play together. Or battle one on one and winners battle each other. Super Mario Kart is a family favorite at my house.

7.) Make a fort. Take the couch cushions and pillows off. Use all the chairs and tables. Find you biggest sheets or blankets.

8.) Get dressed up. Who needs to go out just to be fancy? Put on that dress and heels. Bust out the suit and tie. Dress the kids in the outfits they only ever wear for family pictures.

9.) Have dessert for dinner. Have your cake and eat it too. Sample multiple desserts. I guarantee your kids will not complain about this one.

10.) Popcorn movie date. Pop the popcorn and snuggle up on the couch together. Find a movie none of you have watched. Or watch the movie you have seen a hundred times again but all love.


Date-Night Just For Mom and Dad

1.) Have a tasting party. Maybe you and your partner are into wine, craft beers, whiskey, chocolate or something else entirely, buy a sampling of new things to try.

2.) Play a board game that is too mature for the kids. That board game that has been in the cupboard since before the kids were born. Or play a kids game and turn it into a drinking game lol

3.) Do a puzzle together. Relax and don’t worry about the kids losing the pieces.

4.) Dress up, light some candles, and order in. Set up your own romantic dinner with your favorite restaurant delivered to you.

5.) Create a spa at home. Light some candles and share a bubble bath together. Get some massage oils and give each other massages. Put on face masks.


6.) Cook a dish for each other. One of you make the appetizer or dessert. The other make the entree. Surprise your partner with something new.

7.) Set up your own paint and sip experience. As you might expect, YouTube has plenty of painting tutorials.

8.) Organize a virtual couples date to connect with friends. Maybe you just chat with other adults or try out virtual gaming apps like Houseparty or Jackbox Games

9.) Destress and connect with a virtual yoga class

10.) Make a scavenger hunt for your partner. Surprise your partner with a riddle or a question. Have them follow the clues until they find you.



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