{Toddler Town} What to See + Do this Year (2017)

If you have visited the International Children’s Festival of the Arts in the past you may be familiar with Toddler Town, an area dedicated to children under six. And for those who haven’t been to Toddler Town, it is like a mini festival (within a festival, a festival dedicated to children that is) just for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers! This year Toddler Town has taken on a fresh new look and is incorporating the elements that you have loved in the past, along with new activities and experiences that are sure to please your little ones.


This whimsical little town features storytelling, puppets, musical performances, interactive performances, crafts, family games, sensory stations, structured activities, free exploration, an obstacle course, stroller parking and a soft place to rest and/or change diapers, take a break from activities and enjoy a snack. This year the festival theme is Passport to Adventure and you will see this theme in the Toddler Town activities as well! When planning your visit, it is important to remember that Toddler Town offers both scheduled activities/performances on the stage as well as flow-through activities throughout and because Toddler Town is completely fenced in your toddlers can explore at their leisure.

The St. Albert Public Library will have toddlers getting hooked on books while letting their imaginations soar with interactive tales, songs, puppets, and more! “With a turn of the page, books become Your Passport to Adventure!”

The St. Albert Public Library can be found on the stage and you will find the Story time schedule here.

*The St. Albert Public Library is also providing a quiet, soft area for children to relax, read a book and have some down time in Toddler Town.*

Armed with silly songs, infectious retro-grooves and catchy tunes, Rattle & Strum will get your little ones moving and grooving. And with extra instruments for your little musicians to jam along, they will create a one-of-a-kind musical experience that is irresistibly fun.

Rattle & Strum can be found on the stage and you will find their schedule here.

Armed with puppets, horns and bubble makers, Nature’s Ride will deliver an inspiring message to little ones about the environment and caring for their new ocean friends Akai, Mamoo and Mrs. Jellyfish.

Nature’s Ride can be found on the stage and you will find their schedule here.

Interactive Activities

As I mentioned above there are both structured and unstructured activities happening throughout Toddler Town (both on and off the stage); here are the activities that you will find off the stage in Toddler Town (in no particular order):

Music for Young Children believes that music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and all children and families deserve quality music education. They have developed several different musical lessons for Toddler Town and will be setting up a musical garden as well!

The St. Albert Early Years Coalition will be providing an interactive craft for all of the Toddler Town visitors; the craft can be executed according to the instructions or can be simplified for younger participants.


Young Engineers believes in the future of engineering, science and the way those fields will better the world; starting at the Preschool level they offer interactive ways of engaging children in these subjects. They will be offering a structured activity for children to enjoy on the Weekday Mornings and Weekend Afternoons, during the Festival.


Live it all in believes uninterrupted self-guided sensory play is one of the finest forms of play and education that a child of any age can be offered. Live it All In’s goal is to help parents and caregivers incorporate a variety of learning through play styles and creative processes by offering a range of ideas, instructions, and services. You will see a variety of sensory play opportunities throughout Toddler Town.


Sportball encourages kids to ‘play with passion, play for fun.’ Their programming focuses on developing appropriate skills through non-competitive sports, games, and activities. The Sportball team can be found in the outdoor area within Toddler Town, they will be offering an obstacle course as well as interactive games for your children.


Modern Mama is once again sponsoring the Mommy/Daddy Lounge! This is a quiet and comfortable place to relax, feed baby, catch your breath and get organized. There is also a baby change area and a play station to occupy your toddler while you tend to baby.

About the Children’s Festival

Celebrating 36 years in northern Alberta, the 2017 International Children’s Festival of the Arts is one of the biggest and longest-running children’s festivals in North America. Please note: the Festival schedule has changed this year, while Toddler Town is open to the public from May 30 to June 4, the main site activities are only available to the public on June 3 + June 4. You can find the full list of site activities and main site programming here!

Hours of Operation

Toddler Town will be open from

Tuesday (May 30) to Friday (June 2) from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm

Saturday (June 3) from 9 am to 5 pm

Sunday (June 4) from 11 am to 5 pm

Toddler Town Admission

The cost of Toddler Town Admission is $10 per child under 6, and there is no cost for parents and caregivers. However the Butterfly Pass is available on Saturday, June 3 + Sunday, June 4 and offers the best value for your child; for $20 they will receive: a wristband that gives them unlimited access to Toddler Town + all of the main site activities, a ticket to one featured performance, a caricature trading card, one bag of popcorn, and a coupon for a free child’s admission to Fort Edmonton Park.

More ticket information can be found at https://stalbert.ca/exp/childfest/tickets/


Now that you know all about the International Children’s Festival’s Toddler Town we hope to see you there!




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