Top 5 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Awesome

Xmas time

By: Michelle Monroy

People rave about it but how does it work?

You know people who do it and rave about it but you still can’t quite make the move to it because you’ve never done it before. It makes you uncomfortable because you need to see it to believe it, right? What if it doesn’t look like the picture? What if it doesn’t fit? These are questions that are reasonable but scare most newbies from the addictive world of online shopping. (Addictive because you will rarely step foot in a mall again after discovering the many great advantages!)

Be afraid no longer

The list below is filled with reasons and helpful tips to ease your mind in finally taking the plunge into a whole new way to shop. Besides, aren’t you too busy to go to a zillion stores to finish off your “Christmas To Do List”  this year? Take that time you save from shopping and trim the tree, start a DIY project or catch up on anything, as you wait for the exciting sound of newly delivered packages being dropped off on your doorstep.

Top 5 Reasons Why Online Shopping is Awesome

1.You can shop in your pyjamas

Who has time to go to an actual store to buy what you need on your list? The exact same products are available on the retailer’s website, plus, if you meet their minimum requirement, most e-shops will give you free shipping. Shop in the comfort of your own home, on your own time, in whatever you want to wear!

2.You can find lower prices

Who says you have to shop on the website of the store in the mall? Just Google the product you are looking for and you will find a plethora of other retailers offering the same product at competitive prices. Even better, find a coupon code and get it for even less.

3.You can find greater selection

Does the store at the mall only carries it in yellow, blue and green?  Or, they ran out of your size? Well, online they are available in your size, plus five more colours (well, as an example)! Also, in a physical shop, you are at the mercy of their limited inventory, whereas online you have direct access to their warehouse supply or even the inventory of their other regional stores.

4.Coupon codes!

As mentioned above, coupon codes are a great find for getting your desired product for even less than the stated online price. Many websites give out coupon codes, or promotional codes, to their website subscribers as a promotional sales or even to exclusive readers for an article they are featured in. All you need to do is find it and you can get a sweet online deal.

There are many “coupon code” websites out there that can help you, such as or Just apply it in the appropriate box during the Checkout phase of your transaction and see the savings add up.

5.Online Reviews

If you are looking to purchase an item you have never seen in person before, most online shoppers rely on online reviews to get a better sense of the product they are looking to purchase. Everything from the quality of an item, the ease of the transaction, to the “true to size” fit will be evaluated.

Many of the reviewer’s profiles are even posted so you can determine if this person is of like size as yourself for a more tailored review of your needs.  Cross referencing various reviews, from different websites, of a particular item can also help determine what you can expect to receive.  In turn, leaving a review after purchase is a great way of paying it forward for the online shoppers of the world.

Michelle Monroy is a stay-at-home mom of one adorable little girl, a food lover, a trend watcher, and an internet addict, with aspirations of writing her own personal blog one day. When not chauffeuring around her little five-year-old sidekick, she spends most of the day in the kitchen or laundry room, or is out blowing off steam at the local kickboxing gym all while keeping online audiences up to date via social media.

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