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We are so inspired by all of the amazing talents of local mamas in our community! One of them, Mercedes, really caught my eye because she creates the most special learning activities for her young children at home. I wanted to know HOW! In her first post Mercedes shared some tips for starting early learning activities at home and wowed us with some of her favourite activities that she has done with her munchkins. You can check out all of the goodness in that post here. I quickly realized how much knowledge this mama has on the topic of early learning and thus a series was born!

 Early Learning at Home Part 2: Top Picks for Resources

By: Mercedes Bender

With social media at our disposal night and day, it has become so accessible to see what other early learning educators are doing in their work with young children. You do not have to re-create the wheel! Much of my inspiration comes from my obsession with Instagram and following some amazing accounts.

Early Learning

Here are my absolute favourite accounts to follow on Instagram for Early Learning inspiration:

Pinterest is also a wealth of ideas, however I find that I never have time for it and as I’m already scrolling Instagram for personal use, I may as well add early learning ideas to the mix. Efficiency is key! Tip: If you are already using a specific social media platform on a daily basis, use what works for you and explore.

early learning

As I have said before, activities can be as little or grand as you want them to be. If you’re really into it and like to plan everything out to be prepared for many days at a time, “Simply Learning” offers tot school unit plans for free! There are a variety of activities for different levels in each unit and they are usually centered around a book. I have yet to complete an entire unit, however, I have incorporated activities here and there.

early learning

Next week I’ll be sharing my favourite stores for stocking up on supplies as well as what I keep in my basement at all times for these activities! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me though my new website Live It All In or on FacebookTwitter or Instagram @liveitallin.

Early Learning

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