My Top Three YouTube Mom Vloggers


Everyone has their guilty pleasures.

And mine is YouTube.

These past few months I’ve found myself getting excited when I hear that *ping*, a new video! It’s like I am personally invested in these people’s lives, and it drives my husband insane. He always says ” the way you talk about these girls it’s like they are one of your friends” and honestly to me, I feel like they are. YouTube vloggers pretty much share every detail of their lives with their subscribers, its kind of crazy to think about. I have played with the idea of starting my own channel, ever since my mom got sick it has made me sad that I don’t have more memories recorded of my family. Of course, it is hard enough for me to talk on my Instagram stories or Snapchat so let’s be honest, it probably won’t be happening anytime soon.


For now, I have my list of channels that I watch religiously and I’m here today to share them with you!


Hands down, my favorite mom vlogger.

When a YouTuber is as genuine as Britney is, it’s hard not to love her channel. I have been watching her videos for about 4 years now and needless to say, I’m invested. She uploads videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and they vary in topic from a day in the life video to just her discussing her favorite cleaning products. She lives in North Carolina, is engaged to her hubby-to-be Ean, they have 3 children, Aria, Nolan, and Harlow. My daughter BEGS me to let her watch their videos. Aria is the exact same age as her, and they both having annoying little brothers. So she loves watching her, and I will take these videos any day over those kinder egg video monstrosity’s *shudder*.

I seriously cannot recommend her channel enough, so please go check her out!


25 years old and a mama to 7 kiddos.

Yes, you read that correctly, Jessica and her hubby Chris have a blended family with a total of  7 children. She is one of those, ” how does she do it?!?” moms, which is one of the reasons I love to watch her videos. She has had quite the journey in life and on youtube, MANY ups and downs but she is an incredible woman and mother. Again like britneyandbaby she does a lot of day in the life videos with sit down videos mixed in. Honestly, watching her day in the life videos makes me need a drink. I have a hard enough time managing with 2 children, nevermind SEVEN but she seems to pull it off pretty effortlessly. But of course it’s youtube and she will only post what she wants you to see, so take it with a grain of salt.


I have to say, when you have over 1.7 million subscribers you grab some attention.

Judy started off as a makeup guru, doing tutorials and reviews but since having her children she has started daily vlogging. I LOVE her channel, but I have been falling behind on my videos since like I said they vlog DAILY. One of the things I enjoy about her channel is the variety of content. Even though they are vloggers, because they have SO many subscribers they get a lot of different opportunities. Like traveling to amazing places and collaborating with other big name YouTubers. They also give back, every December they do Dancember where they raise $500,000 for convoy of hope, find out more here. They are just an incredible family, the dedication it takes to daily vlog is insane, and on top of that she also still runs her beauty channel.

Well, mamas, I hope you enjoy these YouTubers as much as I do! YouTube is such a HUGE, creative space so obviously there are a ton more channels out there!

Who is your favorite to watch? Please comment down below with your recommendations!

* images courtesy of Shutterstock

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