Using Essential Oils for the First Time

Until a few months ago I was a newbie to using essential oils. I had heard about them and knew there were benefits, but I didn’t know where to start. Let me tell you, it is SO easy to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life! Since I ordered my kit from Michele with Young Living I’ve been reading and playing around with oils.

Young Living


This is what I have used them for so far:

1) Lavender on my son’s pillow to calm him down after a nightmare: just a small drop on the underside of his pillow and it smelled like an oasis of calm in that crib!

2) Frankincense on my mosquito bites after our camping trip: I am a swollen mess after those darn mosquitos get to me, and I scratch. A drop of Frankincense rubbed into the bite reduced swelling and calmed my itchiness without the burn that a chemical anti-sting ointment will give you.

3) Peppermint to deal with the ants in our cabin: We visited a beautiful cabin this summer but it was full of ants! I was SO happy that I had Peppermint oil with me. I killed the ants that were roaming around and then put drops of the oil along the baseboards and where I thought they were getting in from. There was a considerable reduction in new ants and the ones that were already inside seemed dozy and stayed up high on the walls. I have also heard that this works as a deterrent for SPIDERS!!!!

4) Peppermint for my toddler induced headaches: We all know the kind of headache that a cranky kid can bring on, it sucks. A drop rubbed into the temples and inhaled through the palms of my hands and I could manage life again.

Young Living Pep

5) Thieves for my summer cold: As soon as I could feel that dreaded tickle in my throat I was on it. I used Thieves oil mixed with coconut oil to make a rub for my chest and throat. I diffused it beside my bed at nighttime. I even drank a drop mixed with water and gargled with the stuff. I won’t lie, it didn’t taste good, but my cold only lasted 2 days and I was back to normal. The cold I had a few months before I started using the oils lasted 3 weeks and ended in a trip to the doctor.

6) Panaway (A Young Living blend) for when I am klutzy and bump into things like the corner of the bathtub in the dark: The last bruise on my leg was shaping up to be a bad one, the kind that wrecks the look when you wear a cute dress. A few drops of this stuff and a little massage in the area and the pain was reduced and the bruising was minimal.

7) Peace and Calming (A Young Living blend) for when I was upset: A dear family member passed away this month and I just needed to lay in my bed and get some calm, quiet time. I diffused this oil on my bedside table and actually slept, getting the peace I desperately needed.

How am I using them?

I have tried everything from blending it with coconut oil to dilute strong oils, to rubbing it in my palm and inhaling, to directly applying to the skin (watch the eyes), and diffusing it with this nifty tool here:

Young Living Feature

I LOVE this diffuser. I keep it on my bedside table and use the type of oil or blend that I need at the time. I think I need one for my office. And maybe one for the toddler’s room too. Bonus, it has a soft blue light option so that you can use it as a calming nightlight. It will run for 4 hours and then shut itself off.

I’ll update you as I continue my journey with Young Living Essential Oils and their products. My plan is to learn new ways to use them with my child and I will do this through the help of Michele with Young Living and the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern.


If you have any questions about essential oils and how to use them in your life, please contact Michele at Infiniti Trails for Healing/Young Living Oils and she will be more than able to help you; her expertise is incredible. To order some for yourself please click here.

And remember, if you are a Modern Mama Member, Michele is a Perks Partner so you will get a free copy of the book Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern when you purchase the Young Living Starter Kit, which includes my favourite diffuser!




*Full disclosure: I was given a complimentary Starter Kit for the purposes of review and exploration with Essential Oils. All opinions and experiences noted are completely my own, as always!

*This information is not intended to be used in exchange for professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor if you have questions or health concerns.

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    Thank you for your most effitiant and dedicated approach and intention to investigate, use and share our a Young Luving Olis. I very much appreciate your honesty and professionalism.
    I to started many moons ago learning about the oils and some 20 years later trust and turn to my oils for virtually everything in my life
    From ailments, wounds, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual healing.
    I use them for my children, grandchildren, pets and livestock.
    My medicine cabinet and first aid kits are supplied with a very large portion of oils and natural products Young Living Oils are my go to for healing comfort.
    I am an energy medicine healer for humans and animals and yes I do use Naturalpathic healers, doctors and veterinarians.
    I do believe we can all work together and believe we as individuals can take our health and power back by doing our homework and believing in the power of nature and plant medicine that was and is a gift to us.
    Thank you Kim
    Blessings of health and healing to all

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