Video Intro to Margery Healey and Brain Compatible Parenting

I have started to experiment with this “video blogging” by taking some short video clips of the fabulous Margery Healey, The Compassionate Parent Coach. I know once you meet Margery, you’ll know why I am such a fan!

So, video #1 is Margery talking about her role as a parent coach (and what it’s not!).

Video #2 is a quick overview of Margery’s seminar this Wednesday on Brain Compatible Parenting.

Sound and video quality is not ideal – as my first go at this, I already know many things to change for next time….but I hope you enjoy!

Margery talks about being a parent coach (1:01)

Margery talks about her seminar happening this Wednesday, November 28th on Brain Compatible Parenting (1:05)

DETAILS on Margery’s next seminar this Wednesday, November 28th, 7pm-8:30pm. Take advantage of our Cyber Monday deal (running until end of Tuesday) to attend for just $15!

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