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As a person who grew up watching The Jetsons, I have been patiently awaiting futuristic upgrades to our homes and vehicles and while the TELUS Future Home doesn’t incorporate a machine that puts your clothing and make-up on for you (yet?) it does include some really amazing features.

These include:

  • Facial recognition software to enter the home. The biometric security system powers this feature so that you would never have to search for your keys again.
  • Home monitoring sensors and cameras that allow you to remotely check on your children, and pets with your smartphone. Oh and it even lets you know when your plants need to be watered!
  • The Smart fridge helps you plan your meals (with nutrition and calories in mind) while the smart cooktop guides you through step-by-step instructions on cooking that meal! This smart system can even calculate the nutritional value of your meal for you!
  • A Home office with an interactive touch table that allows you to connect virtually to your doctor’s office or video conference with your colleagues.
  • Home entertainment comparable to a theatre experience, featuring a 4K Ultra HD Optik TV brought to life on a 78” Samsung Curved UHD TV.
  • Intelligent Thermostats and Lighting will save you money and conserve energy, all while you manage it from your smartphone or tablet.

Pretty amazing, right?! Well don’t just take my word for it, go check it out for yourself! The TELUS Future Home will be available for your viewing from July 6 to July 17 in the Kingsway Mall (109 Street & Kingsway) parking lot AND from July 22 to July 31 at K-Days!

TELUS Future Home Image

About the Telus Future Home

The 560-square-foot TELUS Future Home showcases some of the most cutting-edge technology available today and provides a sneak peek at smart-home innovations on the horizon. It offers an immersive technology experience that demonstrates how technology will make our lives safer, healthier and more efficient than ever before. For more information, visit:

Visit the TELUS Future Home

When: July 6 to July 17 | 11 am to 7 pm

Where: Kingsway Mall parking lot

Cost: FREE


When: July 22 to July 31 | 11 am to 7 pm

Where: K-Days

Cost: FREE (With Admission into K-Days)





**This is a sponsored post, however, all views expressed above are my own.**


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