We’re Hiring! (and License opportunity)


We are a bunch of mamas, just like you. We like to play with our kids, binge on Netflix and reality TV, we spend our time wiping bums and letting laundry pile up (err, I mean, fold it all and get it put away all in one day). Annnnd, we’re looking to get you out of the house, like we always have.

By that, I mean we like to plan events, write locally focused and relevant posts for moms of 0-5 year olds and share local events and things to do for your family in your city, in 10 communities across Canada.

In Toronto, we are currently seeking a part-time contract Community Manager. She will be an urban mama who loves to write, is savvy with social media, and would like to plan the occasional event as well.

Apply today, Toronto mamas!


In related news, we have a license opportunity available in Lethbridge, Alberta. It is an established community for Modern Mama and our lovely Community Director moved her family back to Australia recently so unfortunately we need to replace her.  Find out more about the license opportunity here:

Get more details on becoming a Licensee.


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