2015 Ford 150 King Ranch | The Ultimate Mom Machine

IMG_1749Let me start by saying that before I had the privilege of the experience, I had never considered – not even once – owning a truck or using it as my main family vehicle!

Now that that is out of the way, I can say with complete confidence that not only would I LOVE to have this truck, but it is the ultimate in family vehicles!

Can you say roomy?!


I drive a mini van in my day to day life, and I was astonished at how roomy this truck was! I have 1 car seat and 1 booster seat (pictured above) in the back seat, and I could very easily fit in a 3rd seat if we were a 5 person family!


The double moon roof kept the kids busy during car rides, looking for airplanes and finding birds in the trees above them.

I am of decently short stature, standing at about 5’2.5″, so this cool step was among my favorite features.

The truck is quite large, so getting things in and out of the box can be a challenge, so having this step is ingenious! Even my hubby thought it was fantastic, and showed it to everyone who would give him five minutes.

Another handy feature I loved was that it showed me how many km to Empty. This made planning my day trips around the city really easy, always knowing if I was going to need to schedule a gas stop somewhere in there.

Speaking of gas, the tank in this beast is huge! 136 Litres to be exact.  For a week, we drove around – even took extra trips that I really didn’t need to take – and I only used just over half a tank!  Less trips to the gas station is always good for everyone in the family.


Let’s get down to my VERY favorite features!

Coming in a close second is the active park assist! I wasn’t sure how I would handle parking with this big truck, but it was a breeze. Whether I was parking on the street, or parking in a lot – I was completely aware of my surroundings and how close I was to anything around me!

Now, for my very favorite feature – which is a must have for all moms!

The massaging seats! Oh my goodness! These are a must, and there is just no arguing about it! After a long day at work – or a long day chasing after your kids – getting in the car for a drive home, or to the store, just doesn’t seem as daunting when you can get an awesome lower back and bum massage on the way!

Mom to mom, you will fall in love with this truck, and it will make an awesome family vehicle, and the Ultimate Mom Machine for you!

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