21 Days to Get In Shape


I don’t know about you, but Spring seems a much better time to make—and keep—resolutions. Especially if they have anything to do with Fitness. While I don’t have a set number of pounds I’d like to shed, I do have a desire to feel toned and better equipped cardiovascularly to run after my now toddler who finds it hilarious when he runs away from me.

Which is why I feel NOW is a GREAT time to make those resolutions stick. The weather is great, swimsuit season is around the corner and the healthy produce in its rainbow of colors now adorns the isles at the local market! Which is why I was so excited to hear about the 21 Day Challenge from our friends at Anytime Fitness. Imagine…21 Days to kick start your fitness routine, get on the right track, and establish a true habit in the form of exercise. Because we all know it’s about making fitness a part of your life, otherwise you will most likely resort back to your old ways and become a statistic.

If you want to get in shape, in the shortest and healthiest way possible, and be ready to make the most of this Spring/Summer, checkout their program. They are only accepting 21 candidates, male and female, with the winner receiving a makeover by Civello Salon, a professional photoshoot, plus more!

They promise to:

Melt up to 10 pounds (or more) of fat off your body and put you on the fastest track to tight, toned and terrific quickly, safely and naturally, without diets, drugs or gimmicks!

If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself and your health, contact Jose at Anytime Fitness and be ready to jumpstart your fitness and take it to a level you may not have even imagined you could achieve. Good luck in your journey, and Good Luck on the competition! Go Modern Mama’s Go!

Jose_AFTI am  very immersed in health and fitness. I am thankful to say I love what I do and do what I love. I routinely immerse myself with the newest developments in wellness and try to apply it to myself as much as possible. This is so I can be a great example by learning from experience first before applying it to my clients. I am growing my health and fitness business in hopes to meet, help and improve people’s lifestyle. At the same time, I am working in honing my public speaking skills. I love speaking about health and fitness as most people know. And I am very passionate about it. I am always happy to entertain speaking engagements within my community. Specialties: Members service, Personal training, holistic lifestyle coaching, supporting local communities, public speaking.

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