3 Days in Quebec City

quebec city

I had the opportunity to visit Quebec City and the surrounding Laurentian Mountains recently on a quick trip with GMC Canada to test drive the new GMC Terrain. Check out my post all about the newly redesigned compact SUV here.

The trip was so amazing, to discover Quebec City and the surrounding area that I wanted to do a quick post about the adventure itself.


The Entourage Lac Beauport

About 25 minutes outside of the city is the beautiful and brand-new Entourage sur-le-Lac on the lake. The hotel is surrounded by rolling hills and fall foliage (well, while we were there) and a stunningly calm lake and sandy beach.

The hotel is brand new, having just opened this month. With modern decor and excellent cuisine and wine offering, it’s a fabulous spot for a relaxing respite either with the kids or without.

The view from the room is serene.

The rooms are truly modern and well equipped with an oddly high number of cabinets and storage closets. All rooms come with a fridge, dishes and sink and counter.


There is no shortage of activities to take part in near and around Quebec City. Out of the city, experience white water rafting, fishing, even zip lining, or just relax by the pool and beach at the hotel.

We had the pleasure of experiencing horseback riding and many of us (including me) were novices, so it was exhilarating, scary and fun, all at once, for us all!

Our guide at Excursions Jacques-Cartier was Maude, and she was so patient with us all, giving us the confidence to guide our own horses. She did a great job at pairing us up with horses that met with our experience levels.

My horse, Porto, was content to follow the group, go slow, and stay on the main trails, which made me oh-so-happy!


No trip to Quebec City is complete without a walk around Old Quebec, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is comprised of beautiful cobblestone streets, quaint cafes and restaurants, historical churches and cathedrals, and plenty of shops.

Take your time sight-seeing while wandering the pretty streets and be sure to stop for an espresso and pastry along the way.


While the hotel offered delicious and gourmet meals, we also enjoyed the amazing Chez Muffy on our last afternoon in the City. It is in the historic Auberge Saint-Antoine luxury hotel and focuses on local french Canadian cuisine.

Make your way to Quebec City when you get the chance!

*Trip provided by GMC Canada. All opinions are my own.
*Horseback riding photos by Ben Marans Photography.


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