3 Easy Valentine’s Day Toddler Crafts

Valentine’s Day is a great time to hone in on those toddler imaginations and have some creative play. What better way than to do some arts and crafts! I know what you are thinking, it’s hard to find crafts that are very doable with little ones. Yes, this can be tricky with the young ones, but we have some easy suggestions for Valentine’s Day toddler crafts.

Valentine's Day Toddler Crafts

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This is a cute craft that I promise your toddlers will love. Just take some coffee filters and cut them into heart shapes (you will need to flatten them out a bit). In a few small dishes, mix food colouring and water (choose whatever colours your heart desires, or get your kid(s) to choose. Place the cut-out heart in a plastic tray and have them, with an eye dropper, place colours one by one onto the heart. It’s that simple. Once done, set to dry and then tape on the window. It’s pretty, it’s easy, and they will love it.

suncatcher valentine day craft

In the process

heart suncatcher

The finished product

Mini Heart Pillows

This one will require a little more work from you, but they still will love it. Take different colours of felt and help them cut out various sizes of hearts (or shapes of their choice). Slightly stitch around it, leaving an opening. Have the kids stuff them with cotton. Once done, stitch it up fully. If you like, also attach a small amount of ribbon in a loop to make it a hanging ornament. Have them take a marker and make little decorations on them, or place little stickers (you may need to help them glue it in place). They make for super cute valentines day decor.

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Handprint Heart Card

On a piece of paper, or cut-out heart shape, make a mini poster or card for a loved one. Set the paper aside. In a plate place some washable paint. Have them place their hand in the paint and then on the paper, and then again. Make sure to position their hand so that it forms a heart shape with the inner fingers (like below). Once done. let dry. After it is dry, write a Valentine’s Day message, or have them further decorate it with stickers. It makes a super touching keepsake and/or card for a loved one.

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