3 Tips for Back To School Routines

School Routines Image Credit Connie Peters

It is that time in the summer to start thinking about Back to School! Whether you’re dreading the “back to busy”, routine, daily lunch making again, or looking forward to it all, the time will come regardless. So I have just a handful of tips to help you gear up for September once again!


But first, we’ve just discovered a ‘kill two birds with one stone’ trick! Bear Paws , you know – the delicious lunch box snack your kids love – have partnered with Mabel’s Labels for back to school!

Purchase a specially marked box of Bear Paws for your $5 off coupon for Mabel’s Labels!

Now you’ve got lunch box snacks AND labels you need for your child’s school supplies, lunch containers, shoes, backpack and more DONE!

Now onto my tips to ease back into the fall routine

I often find we, as moms, do too much for our kids instead of letting them figure it out or showing them and letting them actually do the task.

1. Pull together all supplies you want labeled provide your child with her Mabel’s Labels and let her go to town. Have her label everything on her own. They’ll feel accomplished, independent and get excited to use all their new school supplies!


school routines

image credit Connie Peters

2. Purchase a few small plastic bins that will fit in your pantry and fridge. Each bin will contain items you have prepared for your child, and you will dictate how many of each bin they’re allowed to put in to their lunch kit! TA-DA, they’ve made their own lunch!

  1. PANTRY: Bear Paws, crackers, fruit snacks, fruit leathers, bananas
  2. FRIDGE (PROTEIN): sandwiches, peperoni sticks, cheese sticks
  3. FRIDGE: fruit cups, grapes, strawberries, yogurts, apple sauce


3. Create a list of tasks you expect them to do every school day and post it on the fridge or in their room as a reminder (better yet, put it on a white board or chalkboard, so they can physically check things off:

  1. Make bed
  2. Brush teeth
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Make lunch
  5. Pack backpack
  6. Unpack backpack
  7. Bring lunch kit to kitchen and clean out

Those three simple things can be the difference between you stressing over the first month of back-to-class and enjoying it. PLUS, your child will feel responsible for her schedule and school supplies too.

Good luck this September Mamas!


*This post sponsored by Bear Paws and Mabels Labels.


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