3 Tips To Make Feeding Baby Simple

Feeding Baby

Being able to sit down as a family to eat is one of the best ways to bond. Having a baby at the table though that can be a little harder to do. It can be all but peaceful at a table with a baby sometimes and that can make the bonding experiences you think you’re going to make almost impossible. That is why we thought of these 3 tips to make feeding baby simple and a lot less stressful for mom.


This may make us sound like an old record player but this can’t be more true. Once you and your baby have established an eating schedule straying from it can mean catastrophe for any and all people involved in feeding time. Of course it is a delicate balance trying to get your little one to conform to your schedule. Together with patience and time and you can get everyone at the table at the same time for at least one meal a day. Once it is figured out stick to it and if you know an outing or family get together might get in the way be prepared and pack for your little one – do not make them wait and throw off their schedule. It will make your whole evening harder and the goal is to enjoy time with your family.

For the Curious and Picky

Once you start introducing solids to your baby your little one starts to become more and more curious about what is on mommy and daddy’s plate; and less interested in what is on theirs. When this stage hits the easiest solution is to start putting their food on a part of your plate then, while they’re watching you, place the food from your plate to thiers. Instantly their food is a lot more interesting since they thought it was. It can be a really great tool for introducing new foods they turned their noses up to in the past as well.

Feeding Baby


Your little one is exploring food for the first time and that means you need to give your little one time. Time to absorb the smells they are experiencing, the sounds around them at the table, and even the colors and textures of the new foods they’re trying. It is all new and all very exciting for a baby and that means they need a little more time than most to eat. This also means they will need to “meet” a food item more than a couple times sometimes to try it, be patient. It is important to give them time to “play with their food”. Meal time should be enjoyable for everyone.

We hope that with these tips feeding baby will start to be a little less of a struggle and more of a bonding experience for you and your family.

What do you do to make feeding baby simple at home?

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