5 Filling No Cook Summer Meals

California Veggie Sandwich by Bon Appetit

It is hot, not sure if you noticed but I feel like I have been sweating for a solid month, and the days are only going to get hotter. So if you are like me you want to avoid cooking anything at all costs. It is too hot to sit in front of an oven, but what on earth can you possibly make your family without any cooking?? This is why we have brought you a list of filling no cook summer meals that will make your family cool, fed and happy.

BONUS, most of these meals would work great as picnic meal ideas as well! 

California Veggie Sandwich Recipe from Bon Appetit

Now when you think of dinner a sandwich isn’t exactly what you have in mind but this sandwich is something else. It is beyond filling and beautifully colorful which is how it won over both of my boys. Jam packed with delicious veggie goodness this meal will keep you full and feeling great for whatever you are going to do after meal time. This sandwich does travel pretty well but I would remove the avocado and yogurt based layers for longer hikes etc… to prevent mushiness while travelling. Adding them in later and keeping them in a cold bag is a great way to keep this sandwich at its best while out and about this summer.

California Veggie Sandwich by Bon Appetit

Raw Romaine Taco Boats from Minimalist Baker 

Taco night is one of my families favorites but on a summer night the last thing I want to do is be cooking on the stove so when I found these amazing Raw taco boats from Minimalist Baker I was one happy girl. They are simple to put together at home or on the go making them a perfect summer meal for when it is just too hot to eat let alone cook. A great idea for sharing too if you are looking for some no cooking entertainment ideas!

Raw Romaine Taco Boats by Minimalist Baker

Low-Carb Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps from Kayln’s Kitchen

Not everyone in my family is okay with full veggie meals all the time when its hot out, but I still don’t want to cook anything. That is where a handy can of tuna can come in handy. These great fill-you-up tuna wraps are amazing. Packed with great stuff and tangy capers they have everything you need to make your families tummies happier than can be. Take this no cooking opportunity to get your kids in the kitchen helping, it is a great way to bond and to get them to try new foods!

Low-Carb Tuna Lettuce Wrap by Kayln’s Kitchen

Rice Paper Rolls With Mango and Mint from Vegan Heaven

Now if you are looking for a great versatile summer ingredient to help you stay away from the stove then rice paper is going to be your new best friend. You can find so many amazing recipes to stuff your rice papers with and this one is definitely worth a try. With the unique mango mixed in these are definitely crowd pleasers for the kidlets. I have never seen my boys eat so many in one sitting and we hope your little ones will love them just as much. But don’t be shy, look into other flavor combos to fill up and your rice papers and dip them into!

Rice Paper Rolls with Mango and Mint by Vegan Heaven

Open Faced Mediterranean Pita Sandwich from Green Valley Kitchen

If you have kids who have been craving pizza all week and you just don’t want to spend the money to order in and it is too hot to cook then these amazing open faced pita’s were created just for you guys. They are the perfect way to get your kids assembling their own dinners, making it fun for them and easy for mom. A great way to get your kids to eat more greens and stay cool while enjoying meal time together as a family.

Open Faced Mediterranean Pita Sandwich by Green Valley Kitchen

We hope these recipes help inspire you to stay cool this Summer with less cooking in the kitchen!


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