5 Healthy Comfort Food Recipes For Any Rainy Day

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When the rainy days start to roll in and the weather is still getting colder sometimes all you want to do is curl up with something delicious and binge watch Netflix. Of course after the New Year resolutions have been made the last thing you want to do is start eating badly. Thankfully there are some super healthy comfort food recipes out there to help get us through these dreary days without all the bad for us ingredients.

Eating better makes us feel better – but you never need to compromise on taste.

Vegan Tomato Basil Soup from Vegan Heaven

The number one thing that I would ask for as a kid, on any rainy or gloomy day, was tomato soup. This simple delicious soup was always the best, but when I was a kid it only came from a can and with all that sodium and other stuff that isn’t always the best choice. It is also not vegan. This great Tomato Basil soup recipe will not only fill that comfort food craving with ease – it will also keep you on track for your healthy goals this year.

Apple Pie Energy Bites from Natalie’s Health

Nothing says home like fresh apple pie but it might not be at hand or one of the best choices for us. These apple pie energy bites on the other hand are perfect to give you a boost on a slow day while making you feel like you just ate a piece of warm apple pie. They are great and great for you which will keep you feeling your best so you can reach those goals!

Creamy Avocado and Spinach Pasta from Jo Cooks

Creamy pastas are one of my favorite go to’s on a rough day and to be honest it might be the reason for some bad habits. Thankfully there are amazing people like Jo Cooks who come up with amazing guilt free ways for us to enjoy our pasta without compromising on our health. This creamy avocado and spinach pasta is the perfect choice for any day! The is a great pre or post workout meal choice and you always have enough for two!

Healthy Comfort Food

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Roasted Italian Sweet Potato Soup from Can’t Stay Out of The Kitchen

This bursting with flavor soup is a great way to welcome in a week of rain and cloudy weather. Having this on hand to warm up whenever you need to is a great way to fill yourself up with good for your food. Everything in this soup serves your health needs and will give you the energy to conquer any day you are faced with. There is nothing better than a thick warm bowl of soup after a long day, especially when you don’t feel like cooking.

Sweet Potato Macaroni and Cheese from Texanerin Baking

A bowl of macaroni and cheese is one of my all time favorite choices when I am in need of a little comfort. But like all comfort food it isn’t always good for me. Thankfully this sweet potato option is a great way to add in a little extra nutrients and it is even gluten free! Making it the perfect option for anyone watching what they are putting into their bodies this year. This mac and cheese gives you all the comfort without any of the downsides.

With these recipes you will be sure to stay on track through the winter months still ahead, even when a comfort food craving comes a knocking.

What is one of your favorite comfort foods?


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