5 Must Make Christmas Cookie Recipes

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There is nothing better than making Christmas cookies as a family during the holidays. Being able to make a beautiful mess in the kitchen together making delicious treats is the best way to make those everlasting memories. Whether you are making a bunch for family and friends or a school fundraiser you can never have too many great recipes. This is why we have come up with a list of 5 must make Christmas cookie recipes.

Coffee Cookies with Bailey’s Frosting from Two Sisters Crafting
If you are looking for a great treat to bring to your next adult gathering or maybe just something solely for the grownups in the house to enjoy this cookie is for you. There is nothing more decadent than a coffee cookie with bailey’s frosting and this cookie will have you wishing you didn’t promise to give anyone else any. These are perfect to eat once the kids are in bed and the house is quiet and you can really enjoy them or to bring to any holiday party if you are able to share!

EggNog Cookies from Love from the Oven
Nothing says the holidays like EggNog everything and cookies are no exception. These Eggnog cookies from love from the oven are amazing and super simple to do. They’re great to make with your little ones to help really get them in that holiday spirit. The snickerdoodle version of these is especially good and are amazing for gifts as they keep really well.

Christmas Cookie Pinwheels from Yellow Bliss Road
Looking for something that is a little more challenging? A little more colorful and a little more fun? Then these Christmas pinwheels are the perfect idea to try and make together. They look gorgeous and they are another cookie that keeps super well if you are making them in advance or for holiday gifts. The dough is a great one to freeze aswell once you have prepared it so you don’t have to bake all your cookies at once either.

Christmas Cookie Recipes

Image Credit: Shutterstock.com

Christmas Light Cookies from Fireflies and Mudpies
These cookies are amazing if you are looking for something that is impressive but super super easy. This looks great and takes little to no art skills in the decorating department to make them look amazing on any plate. The perfect cookie for a bake sale, to make with the kids and for parties. They are even a great idea for any Stranger Things themed parties you might have happening in the near future!

20 Minute Christmas Crack from Little Dairy On The Prairie
Even though this isn’t exactly a cookie this is the best idea if you are running low on time and you need something fantastically delicious as soon as possible. Christmas crack is the best thing to bring anywhere, eat late at night and also gift to anyone on your Christmas list this year. The best part with these is that you can decorate them anyway you like so letting the kids go nuts with sprinkles and goodies is perfect for this recipe!

Make some memories and some treats this year with your little ones and your friends!

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