5 Stuffing Recipes For Everyone At Your Table

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Holiday dinner is one of the best times of year to gather with family, laugh and have fun with your food. In my house we love to try new recipes all the time, especially for potluck dinner parties that come up. So we thought it would be a great idea to give you a little holiday recipe inspiration with this amazing list of stuffing recipes for everyone at your table!

Best Cauliflower Stuffing Recipe from Delish
This amazing idea is great if you are attending a dinner with vegetarians or with folks who prefer to go the low carb route. This Cauliflower stuffing is the perfect option if you want to create the perfect crowd pleaser. Making both gluten-free and vegetarians happy and able to eat without worry.

Stuffing Recipes

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Crock-pot Stuffing Recipe from Tammilee Tips
If you have a crock-pot addict in your house or your are one yourself then this stuffing is a super simple way to show off. With little to no effort you can pull this great recipe together to make everyone at your table think that expelled so much effort during the creation process. When in reality you just let the crock-pot and ingredients do their job while you had time to get ready. With its classic taste and great texture it will be perfect for whatever else is being served.

Easy Vegan Stuffing from Build Your Bite
Knowing you have a vegan coming to your table can sometimes throw a wrench in your original dinner plans, but I am here to tell you that with a couple more veggie dishes and veganizing a couple side dishes you can all have a great time. Being able to whip up an easy vegan stuffing is a great way to make everyone at your table feel welcome. This recipe will have your guests triple asking to make sure that it’s vegan at all it is that good. Making this the perfect way to impress those vegan guests!

Sausage and Stuffing Balls with Cranberry Dipping Sauce from i should be mopping the floor
Need an incredible way to impress your guests with a stuffing in snack size? This recipe is just what you need if your dinner party is focusing on a snack version of the traditional Christmas dinner this year. Making your food like this can be great way to keep your guests talking for years to come about your delicious and unique take on Christmas dinner. Doing a holiday dinner this way is also a great option if you know table and chair space is an issue for your space.

Stuffing Recipes

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Gluten-Free Stuffing from Serious Eats
This seriously good stuffing is a great option if you have a few gluten free guests but you don’t want to be making multiple stuffing dishes. So good all the gluten lovers at the table will have no idea that they are eating gluten-free whatsoever. This is the perfect way to get everyone talking about how you tricked everyone at the table both gluten-free and gluten-lovers alike!

Armed with this recipes you are bound to be the talk of the town this season. Don’t be afraid to try something new or accommodate people’s eating preferences. It is easier than you think to fill everyone’s bellies and make everyone feel welcome!

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