7 Cool Baby Products to Help your Baby Sleep Better

There is nothing new moms and babies need more than a good night’s sleep. Of course, most of the time, it is easier said than done. Thankfully for parents these days though there are a bunch of cool baby products to help your baby sleep better. In fact we here at Modern Mama have found 7 gadgets we know will help your little one sleep better and hopefully longer so you both can get the rest you need.

Baby Products


Guzzie + Guzz – Rocker

This rocker is like nothing else out there, I know so many of you will be adding this to your “must haves’” list. Guzzie + Guzz’s Rocker is completely collapsible which makes it amazing for easy travel. This makes it great for families who don’t drive, who travel a lot as a family and for anyone with limited space in their house. It comes is some super chic designs; enough options to go with any home and nursery decor.

Baby Products

Gro-store – Groegg

The Groegg is a great little device that helps you keep your little one’s room the perfect temperature at all times and in a stylish way! Using a color coding system it keeps track of the temperature of any room your little one is in with simplicity. Yellow being optimal temperature levels, red being too hot, blue being too cold. It looks great too sitting on any dresser and creates a soothing glow inside a darker room. It is a great way to help keep your little one from getting too hot, or too cold during the night.

Baby Products

R♡Ro – Lulla Doll

Lulla Doll is one brilliant creation for babies of all sizes. It is a comfy doll that mimics breathing, can have mom’s heartbeat and has incredible soothing effects for sleeping. Best part is: this toy will grow with them. Placing it outside their crib in the younger months and gradually incorporating it as a snuggle toy when they get older. To help really help your little one fall in love with it sleep with it a couple nights to add your smell to it. They will be able to sleep just as sweetly as if you were holding them all night long.

Baby Products

Munchkin – Ssshh™ Portable Sound Machine

This portable device helps your baby catch some much needed Z’s even no matter where you might be. Helping you make sure they aren’t messing up their sleep schedule and missing a nap while you are getting errands done or visiting with family and friends. The Ssshh Portable Sound Machine has three different settings: Shushing, heartbeat and white noise. Perfect for whatever your baby prefers and a shushing setting for when you are really in need of some help.

Baby Products

The Gro Co. – Gro Anywhere Blind

When you have a little one black out blinds are your best friend. These amazing blinds from the Gro Co. are incredible and completely live up to the name: Gro Anywhere Blind. They come with a great portable bag that makes them easy to travel anywhere with. They are also the easiest to put up, take down and wash if you ever need to. Best part is they are made to fit any window size to a maximum of 135cm x 300cm. These are a must have for daytime napping anywhere you go!

Baby Products

Munchkin – Lulla Vibe™ Vibrating Pad

When you are in need of a little extra help getting your little one to sleep on a rough night this beauty is just what you might need. The Lulla Vibe™ Vibrating Pad is perfect to take with you anywhere you might need it. Whether it is in the stroller on a long hike, for the playpen when baby is sleeping at the grandparents or under the crib at home. It has a nice soft surface that is easy clean for whatever the baby throws at you, plus it comes with a 30 minute timer for a gradual slow down of vibrations to keep baby sleeping soundly.

Baby Products

SweetDreamers – Ewan the Dream Sheep

If you need a little sleeping buddy but maybe don’t want to go the doll route then Ewan the Dream Sheep is just what you need. He is a sweet little addition to any little ones room and has similar options to help your little one sleep. Ewan plays heartbeats and womb sound combinations to really keep your newborn at ease. This little guys is especially beneficial to preemie babies who left the womb a little earlier than expected. It can create the ideal soothing environment for any baby.

Baby Products

With all these amazing gadgets out there you’ll be well on your way to finding something that makes your baby sleep soundly in no time!

What did you have to do to get your babies to sleep?


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    A rocking chair and soft lullabies works like magic to get babies to sleep. The lullabies continue to work as the child gets older and also at those times when they are ill.

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