9 Kid Apps You Need For Your Next Trip!

Travelling with your kids can be a huge challenge regardless of how you go about it. Whether you are flying, driving or taking a train there is always some major sitting down time. That means you are stuck trying to entertain kids who are stuck in seats and can’t move around the way they need to over a long flight or a long drive. This is when technology plays a huge role in entertaining the kids and saving your sanity. This is where apps can really come in handy, but as parents we don’t just want to keep them quiet we want to stimulate them and keep them learning as much as possible. That’s how we came up with a list of 9 kid apps you need for your next trip!

These stimulating and educational games are all amazing for keeping your kids happy, busy and not complaining about whether or not you’ve reached you destination. Calm the: “ARE WE THERE YET?!” questions before they even get a chance to start.

If your little one loves art and you are looking for a great user friendly app Zen Studio is perfect for your little learner. It is super simple to use, has lots of great images to choose from and even has some step by step tutorials for creating your own images. Zen is a great idea for any kid 3+ to get their paint on while on the go without all the mess of course!

Does your little one always want to be apart of the vacation planning? Maybe always getting in the way while you are packing? Well Sago Mini Road Trip can help you with that by letting them plan their own trip! They can go in, pick their destination, decide what to pack for their trip and this app is so easy to use that is it even great for your 1-2 year olds! Let them be apart of the planning in a fun way so you can pack and prepare in peace.

Have a little builder on your hands but really don’t want to pack up all those LEGOs for your long trip? Lado Brick Car is exactly what you need. It allows your kid to build anything they wish all within the app, no losing pieces or rush clean ups needed. It is just as amazing as mess-free painting, nothing to clean up, nothing to step on in your hotel room at night and no digging through your rental cars for all the precious pieces your little has dropped.

Perhaps you have a kid who is a budding documentarian and you need to help them find a great way to document your family vacation through their own eyes. Duckie Deck Giggle Glass is exactly what they need. It gives your kids access to many different funny filters to help them create a unique view of the vacation you are on together. If your kid loves Snapchat filters like mine you need to get them this app for summer. It is so fun and you will all get a great laugh out of all the fun pictures taken by your child.

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For the little robot lovers out there needing something to do while driving in the car or chewing through time on the plane this app is perfect. The Robot Factory is ideal for any little inventor. They can mix and match to create their own robots and even test them in an arena! It is an amazing way to spark some major imaginative play right from their own seat.

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Want to keep your kids math skills up to par this Summer break? Fiete Math is a great way to get your kids to play with numbers and keep up with those math skills without knowing. It is a great way to prepare those kids for entertaining the school system come September. Making math fun can make picking it up in September that much easier and this app is a bunch of fun! If you need a math app for the older kids a great one to check out is Shape Arts: Create and Share is perfect! Your older kids can work through lots of great math puzzles and it even works offline as well as online making it great for on the go travel when wifi may not always be an option.

Maybe you have a little wannabe space explorer on your hands and you are looking for some ways to nurture that love! Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System is a great way to do that. It helps teach them everything they need to know about the solar system they are in and it is brilliant. Your kid plays with this for a couple hours and they will be spouting off more facts than even you have about space. They make is so fun which makes so easy for your kid to pick up all the facts!

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Want to give your older kid something a little more focused on fun while they are travelling along with your family? Niko and the Sword of Light is the perfect fit for them. This interactive graphic novel will take your kid on a wild adventure of daring escapes and bravery. It is a great way to keep them engaged and focused on something while you are trying to navigate.

But your kids might want to play with you too while you are on the go and that is why I love Monument Valley. Geared towards older kids this app takes both kids and adults on a beautifully constructed soothing adventure. You can play this game endlessly that is how visually pleasing and calming it is. This is a great app for people of all ages so feel free to get it and steal your kids iPad for once!

Tell us in the comments below what kid apps do you love to have while travelling!

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    We are all about the Free Apps. Some of our favs are anything by Duck Duck Goose and Eggroll Games are good as well.

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