A Fun Car For Modern Mamas: 2022 Mercedes-AMG CLA 35


Mercedes-Benz makes fabulous family cars! Cool technology, good looks, safety features up the wazoo, comfort and style make them ideal for stylish moms. Add the ‘AMG’ badge, and you add performance and fun factor to an already fantastic choice.


And let’s be honest, not every family needs a big minivan or SUV. If winter driving and safety are a concern, Mercedes-Benz offers all-wheel drive on most of their cars, including the CLA35.


The Mercedes-Benz CLA can be had in everything from the base ‘comfort’ model to an ultra-speedy track-worthy CLA45. The CLA 35 is the perfect in-between it all option! It offers all the comfort of the C-Class, with an AMG ‘oomph’ in driving enjoyment at a reasonable price mid-point pricing for a luxury European brand.


It’s Compact













Not every family needs a big SUV or minivan. Having one or two kids doesn’t mean you’re relegated to driving and parking a massive vehicle for the rest of your life. A sedan like the CLA can easily fit two infant or child car passenger safety seats in the back seat with the LATCH systems and still fit a stroller and groceries in the trunk.


It’s easy to park and the backup camera is incredibly vibrant and clear.


Technology is at the forefront for Mercedes-Benz



Worried about safety with kids in a sedan? Mercedes-Benz offers a wide array of super tech and driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, lane keeping, and of course a backup camera with a very high resolution.


Interior luxury all the way













I love the one big piece of glass to combine the driver display and gauges and the media system which makes the dash look ultra-modern and luxurious. Add those round air vents and leather accents and the interior feels just as Euro and stylish as you’d expect.


Handles like a dream


As you’d expect, a sedan like the compact CLA handles completely differently than other family cars, say a minivan or SUV, and it’s extra fun. With a 0-100KM/hour time of under 5 seconds, you can merge onto the highway in no time at all and get to the school pick up line on time without worry.


While the base CLA offers a 221 horsepower, the AMG version, the CLA 35 we tested offers a slightly more powerful 2 Litre Turbo inline-4 Cylinder with 302 horsepower and then you can step up to the most powerful production 4-cylinder sedan on the market, the CLA 45 which I track tested in 2020 and fell in love with!


What is the price tag?














The base CLA starts at $44,500 while the AMG CLA 35 comes with a starting point of $51K Canadian. Our test model, as shown, tops out at just over $61,000 Canadian dollars. Most US locations like Wisconsin, have auto transport companies available with great car shipping rates. Visit a trusted car shipping site for free quotes and information on how to qualify for additional discounts.


I love the styling, handling, and tech in the CLA 35 and think this is the perfect introduction to European luxury for a family car. Stay tuned for a luxe SUV review from me soon in this space too, if you’re looking for something a touch bigger.


Xo, Connie


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*The Mercedes-AMG CLA 35 was loaned to me from Mercedes-Benz Canada to facilitate this review.

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