A Sporty Crossover for fun driving (with your family): The Lexus RX350 F Sport


THIS is a fun family car. It’s spacious and beautiful, but the engine roars perfectly and you have no worries with acceleration when needed. 


Just watch the video to see and hear how it drives!


10 Things I loved in the Lexus RX350 F Sport:

New Grille Design for 2020

Some people hate the large front grilles on Lexus, but I personally love them. The new update for 2020 on the RX350 is just stunning.

Massive Glass Sunroof

A massive sunroof is now on my ‘must-have’ list – I loved the amount this one opened up too, letting in the maximum amount of sunlight for all passengers.


Drive Modes including Eco, Sport, and Sport S+

I love to drive in Sport mode, to be honest. It’s always more fun (although Eco mode saves fuel!) as it tightens up the steering, changes the way the gears shift and how firm your ride is. In some cars, it increases the sound of the exhaust. 

Adjustable height cupholder

This may be a gimmick, but I love some cool convenience feature gimmicks! Watch the video to see how you can have both short or taller cups in the cupholder with ease!

Flatback floor

This may not seem like a big deal, but there is no hump in the middle floor of the passenger seating. This means your back passengers will have more legroom and you may have more room to drop a tote bag or diaper bag on the floor behind you as you drive. I love this feature.

Spacious back seat

My girls (I have 3 of them), shockingly, did not complain when we took the RX350 F Sport out for a Sunday Drive last weekend, because they were not ‘squished’ back there at all. That flat floor plays a role in this also!

Cargo space is plentiful at 18.4 cubic feet

The space behind the passengers is plentiful and easy to use with a motion-activated automatic liftgate for groceries, gear, and/or luggage.

Racing pedals

The gas and brake pedals are really sharp looking. They remind me of racing car pedals! 

12.3” Touchscreen 

Although the touchpad is still here for 2020, the 12.3” touchscreen is now a touchscreen! I couldn’t believe last year’s RX450h I drove didn’t have this feature. 

Apple CarPlay + Android Auto is new for 2020

Hard to believe, but last year’s model also didn’t include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, but 2020 does! This is a MUST MUST for me! Especially at this price point.

What Does all this Luxury Cost


The Lexus RX350 F Sport starts at $56,050 for the base model. As shown, the F Sport Series 3 adds $13,800 and the total is $72,056.41 including freight + delivery.


I loved the RX350 F Sport so much, I can’t wait to try the other Lexus SUVs in the coming weeks.



*The Lexus RX350 F Sport was provided by Toyota Canada to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

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