Appaman Fall + Winter Style for Girls

*Ivy received two outfits from Appaman.


As all of the Fall leaves slowly fall, fade and get swept away in the wind, the kids (and our) wardrobes change. Most of us have moved away from flip flops and back into socks and runners (or even, gasp, boots!) already.

Ivy got to choose two outfits from Appaman Fall + Winter 2018 and these are soley her choices.

Her Fall pick was these stretchy skinny jeans with a designer-detail ruffle long-sleeved tee.

I love this outfit on her. It is so cute, stylish and still age-appropriate for my nine-year-old for school and every day.

The top is super soft, and while I love the *look* of the jeans, she did complain that they weren’t staying up because the adjustable waist was a bit too big for her whereas the rest of the jeans fit well.

(Freya Jeans $60 Stripe Millie Top $49)


As the weather gets even chillier over the next few weeks, the warmer coats need to come out of the closet as well. Ivy picked this khaki parka and I love it on her. It’s cute AND cozy. The inside is white, warm and fuzzy! The hood is removable, and the pockets have snap closure which I like, for the detail and also the safety.

(Wilderness coat $99)



Here is Ivy’s Winter look pick. This will end up being a holiday, more-dressy, look for her. The leggings are sparkly, as is the sweater dress! I love them both on her, and so did she!

(The pants are a little plasticky feeling, maybe not great for sensory issues.)

(Sweater Dress $64  Riley Leggings $46)

These are my new favourite outfits of Ivy’s! Check out all the modern kid style at Appaman.

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