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August has arrived, the final month of summer. If you haven’t planned for it yet, now is the time to look ahead and make the most of our beautiful summer in Toronto. There are several activities to keep us involved and enjoying this sweet season.

Below are a few ideas for this coming weekend that you can enjoy with your families. Many is cultural, and that is one of the HUGE reasons I love Toronto. Where else can you be exposed to so many different cultures where the communities are free to truly come out and celebrate their traditions? Enjoy the long weekend!

Caribana Toronto Parade Aug. 2

The Caribbean calypso beat has been a staple at the Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade since the festival’s debut in 1967. You can of course catch the Parade free of charge by lining up along the Lakeshore Parade route. However, if you want a comfortable seat within Exhibition Place (200 Princes’ Blvd.) where you can catch the whole performance up close, tickets are affordable ($20 before tax) and considering the parade’s length (approx 4-6 hours), it is definitely worth it.

Scarborough RibFest Aug. 1-4

Welcome to the 13th annual Scarborough Ribfest. The Scarborough Ribfest has become one of the summer’s highlights in Toronto. It attracts over 140,000 visitors, which makes it the largest community family event in Scarborough. The mouth watering barbecued ribs and other delicious foods, the terrific live entertainment, the midway rides and games and the interesting assortment of crafters all contribute to making this one of the most attended events of the summer.

Lakeshore Mardi Gras Aug. 1-4

Enjoy the refreshing open-air ambience of the Lakeshore Mardi Gras in a natural park setting in the heart of the beautiful Lakeshore community. Taking place over a four-day period, the community-based event draws its inspiration from the world famous Mardi Gras held annually in New Orleans. Sample a wide variety of cuisines, while enjoying Dixie, Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Country bands in one of the largest and most beautiful parks in Toronto, Colonel Samuel Smith Park, on the historic Lakeshore Grounds.

Pirate Festival Aug. 2-4

Arrrhh matey, the pirates will be sailing back to Dry Bluffs in the year 2014 on August 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. With Captain’s Keg on Saturday, August 2nd. Join us again for 3 glorious and exciting days in the Village of Dry Bluffs.

Rom’s Dinosaur Gallery Aug. 1-30

Stand in the shadow of mighty T. rex… or underneath Gordo, the enormous Barosaurus… or beside our famous hadrosaur Parasaurolophus. No matter what the first stop on your dinosaur journey will be, you’ll enter a gallery showcasing one of the world’s best collections. Hundreds of specimens welcome you to a gallery bursting with iconic and unusual dinosaurs, fossilized plants, insects and marine life. At the time dinosaurs lived, they shared the planet with other life on land, in the sea and in the air. Trace the development, relationships and legacy of all creatures that lived during the Age of Dinosaurs.

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