Baby Bjorn One Carrier Now Available in 3 New Colours

One mesh Silver frontOne khaki foldedBC One_BrownChestnut_folded


The versatile front & back carrier, Baby Bjorn One is now available in three new colours (in addition to their classic black).

The carrier can be used from newborn to age 3 (33lbs) and is developed with pediatricians ensuring the right amount of support is provided for your baby’s head, hips and spine.

Waistband and padded shoulder straps ensures your comfort and support when carrying your child.

Different carries include newborn, inward facing, forward facing (5mths+), and back carry (12mths+). Retail value is $229 and we’re giving one away today! Enter below.

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    Newborn baby crying can leave you feeling so vulnerable and insecure. During it all just try to remember to trust your judgement, and if holding them and rocking them makes you and baby feel better then do just that, you can’t spoil a newborn.

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