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Yes, it’s inevitable, we have to shop for kids birthday gifts.  Between our own children, their friends, nieces and nephews, the gift-buying is endless.  This month alone, we had two birthday parties to attend, our nephew’s birthday just past, and my niece turned nine on April 1st.

I often head over to Indigo Kids simply to hang out with the girls, since they have toys, colourful tables and chairs usually supplied with colouring supplies, and those little plasma cars and a train table!  We can hang out there for a good hour before anyone’s asking me to leave (I’m not entirely sure if they would ever ask to leave, actually?).

When it comes to birthday gift hunting, Indigo Kids offers up the best is convenience and options for your brood.  They have an entire gift guide online based on the child’s age, and in store, their staff can help you select just the right items.

We ventured over to Indigo kids the other day to pick out a friends’ gift and a niece gift, both turning nine.  We visited their gift guide online prior to visiting and the girls enjoyed their suggestions.

A few things we love about Indigo …

  • FREE GIFT WRAP (gift bags) is now available on kids’ purchases, which we took advantage of this visit!
  • Great book AND toy recommendations by age
  • Wide, stroller-friendly aisles and colourful décor – a comfortable shopping experience for parents AND kids
  • Earn plum rewards with virtually every purchase (get yours, it’s worth it!)

You can win a $35 gift card just be commenting here on the blog!  Tell us why you love Indigo Kids too and we’ll draw one entry randomly on April 30th!!

The fine print:

–> Giveaway is open to Canadian residents only
–> Winners can only win from one blog
–> Disclosure – I am participating in the Indigo Kids program by Mom Central Canada. I received compensation for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are my own.




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    I love that the aisles are arranged to allow maximum visibility of the play area, so you really can browse while the kids play.

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    I love that the kids can play or read while you’re picking a book ! They have great staff and a wide selection!

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    They have a little of everything and aways some cool new things. Its a great place to distract the kids while you shop for them.

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    I love that my kids can play for free while I sip a starbucks. Its like cafe o play minus the $18 bill for getting my kids in. 🙂 so I call that WAY awesome!

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    Taking kids when they are young really gets them comfortable with books. Now my kids love to go to Chapters.

  12. 12

    We just happened to be there yesterday! The kids and I had a great time. They played at the train table and I sat down for a little while. It was great! I nice little break in the day.

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    I love to get things there. There is so many unique gift ideas! There is actually a sprinkler I want to get there for my daughters 2nd birthday! 🙂

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    I love that they have all the classic kids books that I loved as a child as well as keeping up with all the new titles coming out. There is something for everyone!

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    I love shopping for kids gifts at Chapter’s as they have something for every age group! And my little guy has fun looking around and playing while I shop 🙂

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    Hubs asked me the other day how many books I bought at Chapters last month, I had to explain about how many birthday gifts I buy there! I love that the kids can keep occupied with colouring, playing at the train table or with a doll house while I spend my time picking out the perfect gift.

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    We love Indigo Kids because they have a great selection of unique and fun toys. Whether we’re shopping for ourselves or for a birthday party, we ALWAYS find something!

  25. 25

    I’ve never left without a great gift idea, usually suggested by the helpful, friendly staff. My kids are still young, so I usually have no idea what to pick for older kids, and the Chapters staff always knows the right questions to ask to suss out a child’s interests and make an appropriate recommendation.

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    I love all of the creative toys for all ages and stages. I also love their online shopping. Super convenient!

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    One of my favorite places to go before baby. Now I go and she loves to look around at all the colors! Wonderful selections of books and toys. Think we go at least once a week!

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    I love all the great creative toys for kids. From bikes to string-boards, there is something for every child there.

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    I also love bringing my kids there, we play toys and browse books. Majority of the gifts we give other kids are books!

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    Indigo Kids is my go to place for all holidays for both boy and girl presents! I grab a coffee and take my time looking at all the books, toys and craft ideas. I love that the store is so bright and colorful. I always leave with a big smile on my face!

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    I love that my boys want to go shop/play at Chapters. It’s a great place to find gifts as well as a great place to go on a rainy day!

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    I love Indigo Kids because it is one stop shopping! Not only is my daughter entertained while I buy things for her and her friends, but I can also buy things for my friends and family in the other sections of the store, and a latte to keep me going to top it off!

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    I love that the staff are helpful, be it with finding me a product or chatting with my kids at the dollhouse while I browse

  37. 38

    When I need a few min. to myself, I take my son there so I can browse and he can play with his favorite toy-Thomas the Train.

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      FYI-I don’t leave him unattended. lol He’s just preoccupied so I can browse and find the best gift (or not) to purchase.

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    I love that my daughter is just as welcome to a store as I am! I can let her enjoy the space and explore the toys and books.

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    Quite simply, I can leave my husband to play with the kids in their fab kids section while I have 20 minutes to myself to browse the rest of the store. Everyone is happy 🙂

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    My 3 yr old makes friends whenever we go! She finds a little buddy to play with and mom and dad can stand back and watch with Starbucks in hand

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    I’ve met a few friends over coffee in the kids department on a rainy day… Thank god for books n train tables!

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    I love Indigo kids because they have a huge selection of products and i love the play area for kids

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    I love that the staff are so relaxed. My little guys loves books but we are working on “being gentle” and the staff never cringe or say anything when he forget and gets a little to rough. For a first-time mom it’s great!

  55. 57

    Indigo kids lets your kids be kids, they don’t have to be quiet and they know how to keep a child busy while I dig in my purse looking for the bank card that I took earlier from her.

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    I am a freshly new mom but i do love indigo kids because i have no idea what kids are into at what age. I have Nieces and nephews and s so nice to have the. Appropriate for age suggestions. They work every time

  58. 60

    I have spent WELL over an hour in there with E, as she rides the plasma cars while the rain pours down. Sometimes we even go with the intention of not buying anything, though that never ever works. We always leave with something. We have so many books and toys from there. When people ask what to get E I always send them there because, I love that they don’t stock what I consider “crap” toys. Cheap, plastic stuff I’m going to need to get rid of faster than she can get it out of the box.

    I love love LOVE the changes they have made, and it is definitely one of my top shopping spots for all the kids we need to buy things for!

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    And if you can’t make it there in person – or if you have to buy gifts for your nieces/nephews in Alberta….the shipping is usually free or at least much more reasonable that Canada Post. Plus there is a much better chance that it the gift will get there in time if I don’t have to find a post office 🙂

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    our family loves chapters. the books, the gifts, the toys and its the perfect rainy day thing to do. hubby and i also go alone on date night after dinner to browse the books with a coffee in hand 🙂

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    I love the selection of books and crafts there! There’s always helpful staff if I’m feeling stuck on what to get for our older age nieces, and the kids get a blast out of riding the plasma cars and playing at the train table while I slowly browse through everything!

  65. 67

    It a great place to swing by on a rainy day for some playtime & shopping…and you can never have to many rainy day plans living here!

  66. 68

    Laat time I was there I found the greatest gift, a little board book called Goodnight Vancouver. Perfect for anyone that lives here!

  67. 69

    We love going there. Kids play happily on the train table or we look for books together. One of my favourite stores by far!

  68. 70

    I like the selection of books and on Saturdays at Chapters in Coquitlam they have storytime and free arts n crafts at 3pm

  69. 71

    I only visit the stores once or twice a year but shop online often! I love the high quality books and toys you can get for a decent price!

  70. 72

    I love everything about Indigo kids. The staff are helpful, they have great selections of books and toys.

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    I have 5 children with a variety of different tastes in books, I go to Indigo and everyone walks out with something to make them happy! A coloring book, a counting book, a webkin, a novel, a new Thomas and a grande vanilla latte for Mom. Smooth shopping!

  74. 76

    I love going into Indigo kids with my daughter. She is only just over one but the colours and activities engage her immediately. Plus it helps to instill a love of books at an early age by making it a FUN thing to do!

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