Black Friday Shopping List for Bloggers

black friday shopping list for bloggers

*This Black Friday Shopping List for bloggers post is sponsored by Staples. Contains affiliate links.*

We all know that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great times to stock up on tech, and bloggers need their tech. Let’s face it, we wouldn’t be bloggers without the tech! Which is why we just had to create this black friday shopping list of bloggers.

I love tech and gadgets and also paper and planners. So much so, my daughters have to physically pull me away from the notebooks section in any store because they know I already have a whole collection of empty notebooks at home, waiting to be filled.

So I’m pulling together all the tech deals and other gadgets to be had this Black Friday from Staples (and around the web) for you, my fellow bloggers!

black friday shopping list for bloggers

1 / 2018 Paper Planner $43
2 / Instax Camera Blue $69.99 ($30 off)
3 / Productivity Planner $33
4 / Kate Spade Travel Mug $23
5 / Google Home $99 ($80 off)
6 / Screen Queen Kit $33
7 / HP Stream Cloudbook $249 ($100 off)
8 / MacBook Air $1099 ($150 off)
9  /  Yoga Mat $42
10 / iPhone Case $15
11 / GoPro Hero 5 $449.99 ($70 off)
12 / Tote Bag $23
13 / Kate Spade Business Card Holder $172
14 / Laptop Sleeve $51
15 / Mobile Charger $57
16 / Notebook $9
17 / Kate Spade Pens $22



I love my iPhone for appointments and meeting times, but I need a paper planner for handwritten to-do lists and goal-setting. Rifle Paper Co. has the prettiest prints, don’t they?!


An Instax gets you the coolest pics for use on Instagram or blog photos, plus your kids will love it. This Black Friday, Staples has this blue colour at $30 off regular price so be sure to pick it up online or instore.


This is not like your daytimer or planner. This teaches you to goal-set and structures your days and weeks into goal-and-time-oriented tasks. It breaks days down into Pomodoro time chunks and makes you narrow your focus in order to get more done.


You’re always on the go. Heading to events, traveling, carting kids around, you need a decent travel mug to cart your caffeine fix with you. I love this gold modern design by Kate Spade.


This is one item I think I will be picking up on Black Friday for sure! The Google Home answers your voice commands, controls music, podcasts and syncs with your smartphone. This is a Black Friday price of $80 off.


This kit contains 10 tech essentials plus room for extra cords. Includes earbuds, phone camera lens, flash drive, screen cloth, and more.


The perfect little lightweight laptop for family members who are always looking to use your laptop when you need it for work. I may be picking this one up this week for my budding writer daughter who always wants to borrow a laptop around here. Black Friday week pricing.


I purchased my first MacBook back in 2011 when I realized I was powering through PC Laptops every couple of years. It was a steep learning curve but once you go Mac, it’s impossible to go back. I then moved to the Air in 2016 and I can’t imagine lugging around a Pro or anything else ever again. The perfect travel, couch and desk companion, a MacBook Air will last you for years and years. Don’t miss out on this Black Friday price — $100 off at Staples.


For all those hours you’re spending crouched over your device or computer, you need to stretch it out, girl. This cheeky yoga mat is the perfect addition to your office space or home.


I don’t know about you, but I buy and change my phone case often, what’s more fun than a girl boss and momlife saying like ‘The Struggle is Real’ on your phone case. Fun!


What adventure or travel blogger’s life is complete without a Go Pro? The waterproof video and still camera need to be in your pack for your next press trip. Black Friday only deal for $ 70 off.


You need something you can throw your laptop, camera, notebook, and gear into for every event or press trip. Carry a cute tote that holds it all.


You need something you can carry your own business cards as well as those you meet at events and out and about. You never know when you’ll meet that one important contact, be ready with pro cards.


This one needs no explanation: you need protection for your biggest investment and most important tool: your laptop. This way you can toss it any tote bag or carry it alone but it’s in a protective sleeve.


You’re going to a conference or all-day press event and you absolutely can’t do your job without your smartphone, so be prepared with extra juice in a cute mobile charger.


As I said before, I am a serial notebook user, collector, and buyer. I have an entire drawer dedicated to empty notebooks just waiting to be filled. I always have one notebook on the go where I make notes and lists of everything, all in one place.


A good pen is priceless. When I find a smooth writing pen, I hang on to it and use it until it’s completely dry!

Happy Blogging Mamas, I wish you a fruitful shopping weekend! Be sure to check out all the deals at Staples.

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black friday shopping list for bloggers


Tell us what would you add to this Black Friday Shopping list for bloggers? We would love to know what your suggestions would be!


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