Breville Smoking Gun™ Review + Giveaway!


Even though summer has come to an end, there are just some foods I’m not ready to give up. We are a HUGE lover of bbq in this house( who isn’t really?). My hubby has been begging me for a smoker but with how pricey and big they are I wasn’t ready to commit to one. Recently, Breville sent me their newest kitchen gadget- the Smoking Gun™. It promises to infuse your meats, cocktails and more with the deliciously smoky flavor we all love! I was thrilled to give it a try and see how to stacks up and I was not disappointed!


What Is The Smoking Gun™?

It is one of the newest must-have kitchen accessories from Breville that allows you to infuse your dishes with smokehouse flavors and aromas. Infuse with applewood for a slightly sweet, fruity profile that compliments delicate meats, whipped butter, cocktails and more.  Or hickory’s strong and earthy notes that pair well with richer notes like beef, pork, and vegetables. You can also use teas, black pepper, and spices in the chamber as well to infuse an even wider variety of flavors.


How Does It Work?

Simply load the chamber of the Smoking Gun™ with a pinch of wood chips, turn on the fan to high and direct to smoke into a covered container. After, stir, shake or swirl and allow the smoke to infuse for at least one minute. Food can be infused before or after cooking.


I decided to keep it simple and start out with an applewood smoked cheddar ( one of my favorites!). I was so impressed with how easy it was to use and that it infused very quickly. The smokey scent of applewood instantly filled the room and the cheese took on such a delicious flavor. You can repeat the process if you wish to have a more intense smokey flavor as well. The options are endless with the Smoking Gun™, and, they even provide you with several recipe cards to get you started.



For a die-hard foodie like myself, I would definitely recommend purchasing one. It is a great option when you wish to have the smokey flavor that a smoker gives but don’t wish to have the large equipment and pay the hefty price tag that comes along with it.

For more information just check out their website here!


Breville is generously giving away a Smoking Gun™ to one of our lucky readers! Simply enter on Rafflecopter down below!
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Good Luck!


*I was provided with this product in exchange for this blog post, as always all my opinions are my own*

*Must be a resident of Canada to enter*


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    I love smoked gouda, so might try it with that! My husband would prefer to use it with meat, meat and more meat though haha

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    Omg I’d love to try this out and smoke my turkey! Chicken wings & duck wings would be awesome too lol. Thank you for the chance! 🙂

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    I am such a traditionalist .. I hafta say ribs!!! Showed this to our ‘resident’ bbq-er and he was soooo excited 🙂 If I don’t win it,, sure know what to get him for Christmas!

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    I’d love to add this to my Breville collection, I would try smoking a roast, popcorn,nuts,the possibilities are endless ❤️

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    My dad has a big green egg and I love it but I don’t have the room. This would be a perfect option!

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