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I have been hearing a lot of buzz about buybuy BABY since the opening of their first Canadian store (in Edmonton!!!) but I had yet to check them out until last week. I must say I was so pleased with the staff; the space and the variety of products available!

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It has been almost four years since I did my first (and only) baby registry and I still remember walking around the store with my husband unsure of what we would really need and unsure of what brand of stroller/car seat/crib to select. At that time we signed up for the registry program (at the store that shall remain unnamed) and were sent off with the little gun to choose whatever we would like.

When I was visiting buybuy BABY I asked one of the staff members about their Baby Registry program and how it works and not only did she give me information on the process but she actually guided me through it. When you enter the store, the Baby Registry desk is right up at the front of the store and there is seating and refreshments available so you and your partner can relax while chatting with the baby registry specialist. Once they have gathered your information you set off into the store with the Registry Specialist to choose the items you would like to add to your registry list.


As Brittany (Buy Buy Baby Registry Specialist) and I walked around the store she gave me information about each section of the store and on which items were popular with other Moms-to-be. We talked about how certain products  are worth “splurging on” because you will get more than your money’s worth and how some generic brands are great options too if you are budget conscious. I was pleasantly surprised to see that as we moved through the store there were multiple options in every department all with varying price points so you could build your registry based on your needs and budget.


When I entered the diaper section Brittany explained that based on feedback, a lot of parents would like to use cloth diapers but feel the cost at the beginning is too much; so she suggests Mom’s host a diaper party and have each guest bring one diaper for the new Mom or Mom-to-be. I thought this was a super cool idea to get started because it really does seem to be a big cost up front that equals savings overall.

Full disclosure: I used/still use disposable diapers for all three of my little ones because that is what worked best for us and was happy to see that Buy Buy Baby has Pampers; Huggies & Honest Brand Diapers alongside cloth diapers so parents can choose what is best for their family!


Oh the furniture! I don’t know about you but I love walking through nursery layouts and seeing the current trends for cribs; bedding; furniture and colour palettes. There was a good size selection of cribs to choose from but their was one in particular that stood out to me (pictured above); Mother Hubbard Jack and Jill Crib. Alongside the crib was matching furniture that looked sturdy enough to last your child through to adulthood and the colour was an exact match! I soon learned that this Mother Hubbard line of furniture was exclusive to buybuy BABY (Canada) and was made to order by a man living in Ontario! When you choose this style of crib and/or furniture you also choose the colour (over 20 options) & hardware and then it is made just for your babe.


Before I had my first child I didn’t put much thought in to how often I would use a stroller and in what applications. In fact my first stroller was a gift; I didn’t select it and I didn’t think I needed to; but now three kids and countless strollers later I would suggest putting a lot of thought into your stroller purchase.

Are you planning on using the stroller inside primarily or outside for jogging, walking, hiking? Will you need something with a large basket? How well does it fold? Will it fit through a door way? Is it too heavy to lift into your vehicle? What is the weight rating? And the list goes on…

In my opinion a stroller is an item that is definitely worth spending more money on if it is going to meet your needs and lifestyle. When purchasing a stroller there are so many options and things to consider and it can be overwhelming BUT buybuy BABY allows you to touch, feel, ask questions and “test drive” strollers right in the store.


I know some parents forfeit a stroller all together and instead use a baby carrier; personally we have and still use a combo of both baby carriers and a stroller but you will find what is right for your family! Another neat thing about Buy Buy Baby is that the staff are trained to know all about the products and can answer all of your questions on gear with accurate information. While I was in the store, Brittany and I discussed the pros and cons of certain carriers and she gave me an opportunity to try a carrier on with a weighted “baby” so that I could really get a feel for the carrier.

Note: You can also try the weighted “baby” in car seats so you know how heavy it will be with your little one inside.

p. s. As your baby grows your car seat gets heavier and heavier BUT your ability to carry said child and seat also grows. 😉


Overall I was really impressed with the variety of brands and products available in the store;  the friendly and knowledgeable staff and the atmosphere. I had so much fun walking through the process of the registry with Brittany and hearing her knowledge about so many of the products that I already love (as a mother of three) was awesome. As I was leaving buybuy BABY I was thinking back about four years ago to my original registry process at another store and the lack of support really stuck out as the main difference in my mind.

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    Awesome review on buy buy baby. My son is now 4 months old and I wished this store and there customer service was available back when I was putting my registry together.

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    My little one is 11months 🙂 i cant wait to check you out guys ! store looks huge and so much variety!

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    This store has a way better selection than babies r us. Wish it was open when I was making my registry!
    My son Taz is 5 months old!

  20. 20

    I’ve had terrible experiences lately with this store. I loved it in the beginning, set up my registry there, spent ALOT of money. I purchased the City Select tandem stroller, the clerk gave us everything we needed including the attachments for the 2 car seats we picked out. They didn’t have any second seats available in anything other than black so they said they would call when it was received.

    Well, 4 weeks later we ended up going in to find that the seats were received and we just didn’t get a call, no biggy, we buy it and move on.

    Go to put our stroller together a mint before the twins arrive only to find we were sold the attachments for a side by side stroller not tandem. And the attachments we need won’t be in for at least a month..

    Oh! And did I mention our cribs and dressers still haven’t arrived 10 weeks later???!

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      Sounds like a frustrating experience for sure Andrea. I know there are always hiccups when a new store opens and the procedures aren’t clear to all the staff. Did you try calling the store manager to let them know how to improve customer service for future shoppers and to check in on your missing furniture. I really hope they can get everything straightened out for you!

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      Way to go Mama! My 3 kids didn’t make it to the end of our shopping trip lol meltdowns half way through

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    Love the store – great items and often cheaper than toys r us for the same things. Sometimes there are coupons as well.

  25. 27

    Had a great time checking this store out with my 2-year old daughter right before the newborn was born a few weeks ago.

  26. 28

    Love this store! I’ve been a few times now. I love that I can use the bed bath & beyond coupons there. I really like how knowledgable staff are. I’ll be going back after I give birth to my second child. My first, a 2 year old boy, really likes the bath items we got from there.

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