Canadian GPS Tracker Options for Kids

GPS tracker options for kids

With my kids getting older and allowing them more freedom to go further from home, come concerns about where they are and if they are safe.  Trying to reach them when needed, giving them options to reach me if they need to or feel unsafe are all things I have started to think about.  My son can be especially hard to keep track of or get him to check in, he is a free spirit and very strong-willed. When I did a blog post about Kids smart watches last year,  I received some feedback asking for reviews on GPS-devices.  All of which lead me to look at some GPS tracking device options for my own kids.

There are several options on the market today, ranging in prices.   Parents can get their kids a cell phone and put a  tracking app on it or there are other GPS watches and devices. Many of these devices are designed for kids, people with special needs and seniors.


angel senseAngelsense GPS

Angelsense is a pretty cool simple tracking device suitable for kids, kids with special needs and seniors.  The device can be worn in a variety of ways and the company sells a variety of wearable items from a watch on the wrist, a wearable sleeve, belt/belt clip, undershirt, a waterproof pouch, band or a quick release lanyard. You can even attach it to clothing with these special pins they give you that make it so your child can not remove it themselves.

Angelsense is a GPS tracker that has speakerphone/2-way phone capabilities. It has auto answer in the event of emergencies.  There is an SOS call button if your child gets into trouble.  The device is trackable so you can see your child on route to school/friends.   You can get it up to give you emergency notifications if your child leaves the boundary you set for them.  In the case of emergency you can share your child’s live location with authorities/search and rescue.  It is fully compliant with school regulations and can be scheduled to disable certain features at certain times/days.  The devices are regular $300. There is a monthly subscription required with the device.  The prices range from $41.66 to $69.99/month depending on the type of plan you choose.

Currently (as of June 24 2023), the Angelsense devices are on sale for $129 (device) $165 (watch) with a subscription plan.  Click this link for all the details

Angelsense usually offers there devices for free (with plan activation) twice a year. In April for Autism acceptance month and in late summer for Back to school. .

Keep checking back here for all the latest sales.  When they notify me a sale is coming, I will post it here.


Review: I did have the opportunity to use the device with my own children. 

Pros: I was pretty impressed by the locating services and my son has become quite reliant on it.  It gives him a sense of security and he feels more comfortable (as do we as parents) when he goes out in the neighborhood

We have been able to feel more confident about letting him go further.  I has been useful when we need to call him to come in as before trying to track him down was quite the task. We also bring it with us when we go out to events where there are lots of people as it is just that added security should he get lost or loose us in a crowd.  I havenot wanted my son to have a cell phone due to the fact it has so many other features that would be distracting and addicting.  The device is great for that – it does what I need and is not a distraction for my son. 

Cons: I do wish that the device had a display on it that indicated the time, it would be nice to have it double as a clock especially when there is a watch band that you can buy for it.  (this has now been solved with the addition of the GPS watch) .  The watch is designed for older children/seniors. The price may also be a factor for some.  It comes to about the same price as a medium priced basic cell phone plan with data. If the price was closer to the $25 mark I am sure it would be a lot more lucrative.  

Update June 2023.: The device has stopped charging after about 1.5 years. I am currently working with tech support to resolve the issue.  Their customer service is very good but their hours for phone calls have not lined up well for someone who works M-F during the day in Pacific time zone.

Note: I was gifted the device and a few months of service to try it out.  As always my opinions are my own. 


Trackimo offers a few different types of tracking devices depending on your needs. For the purpose of this article, the 2 that would work best for kids is the watch or the Guardian device.

Trackimo Guardian is a 3G/4G real-time GPS Tracker and is our most compact and light-weight model making it ideal for pets, kids and elderly. It offers battery life of up to 5 days per single charge in “save mode” (tracking multiples times a day). Price includes: the device + all accessories + 12 months of subscription service + Free Shipping. • After the initial year, the annual fee is $60 per year or $5 a month • Dimensions: (4.1cm x 4.7cm x 1.7cm). Weight: 30gr. • Warranty: 1 year • Automatic 30 Second Update Intervals + Ping & Locate (On-Demand) • Track the device worldwide using free apps available in apps stores for desktop and Android / iOS smartphones and tablets • Instant In-App Notifications, SMS & E-Mail Alerts for Out of Boundaries, Geo-Fencing (Geo-Fence In, Geo-Fence Out), Movement Alerts • Unlimited 24/7 historical report showing exact location • Fastest Worldwide Coverage (Free Worldwide Roaming) • Battery-Powered (Rechargeable) • This device comes with multiple attachments for all purposes • Map View, Satellite View, Street View SIM Card Included • Pre-Activated & Ready to Use: 1 – install the app (Trackimo Plus) on your mobile/desktop, 2- Register at, 3- Add the Tracker in the app and start using in seconds.

TickTalk 4

The watch sells online for $189 USD and is available in 3 colours – black, blue and pink.

TickTalk 4 is a 4G unlocked universal device and can be used with most carriers in Canada.  You just need to ensure your plan has talk/text/data.

  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Emergency SOS Contacts
  • Secured/Encrypted End-To-End Individual & Group Chat In-App Messaging
  • CPC Approved Kids Product
  • 2-Way HD Video & Voice Calling
  • 20+ Parental Controls
  • Free Streaming Music
  • 2x 5MP Photo & Video Cameras
  • Reminders & Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Activity Tracker & Step Goals


  • Made for Kids Ages 5-12 Years Old
  • IP67 Water Resistance
  • Kid-Proof
  • Drop-Proof
  • Shock-Proof
  • Made with Heavy-Duty Durable Materials

Lil Tracker WatchesLil Tracker

There are a few options depending on the age of your child.  Watches start at $129.99 USD.  Online the watches are said to work with SIM cards in Canada.  Watches contain GPS/WIFI/LBS positioning, remote monitoring, two-way communication, SOS button and a digital camera.  You can set up an electronic /geo fence so that you are notified if your child goes out of bounds.  The PRO watch is also a fitness tracker and is water resistant and operates on the 4G networks.



Cell Phones

Shaw Mobile

If you have Shaw internet services in BC and AB, you can bring your own phone and get a $0 talk/text plan from Shaw Mobile.  If you want to add mobile data it will cost you $45. (25gb) with options to add on international services.  Customers automatically connect to thousands of of Shaw WIFI hotspots also for free mobile data.  You can add a max of 6 mobile lines per account under the discounted rate.

Public Mobile

Bring your own device and you can enjoy plans starting at $15 /month.  Plans with 1GB of data are only $25. I have had a Public Mobile phone for several years now and love that every year at Christmas they send customers a bonus via extra data or long distance minutes etc.  I have never had an issue with the service and it works everywhere!

Sign up with this referral link  (CODE 72RKQ8) and get a one-time $10 credit.


If you are looking to get a smart watch for your kids that does not have GPS abilities click here for my top 5 Smart watches list.


Disclaimer: This post contains links to products and services.  I get commissions from purchases made through certain links in this post. 

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