A Charlie Brown Christmas – Fun, Laughs, and Good Times

We all know the classic “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, almost a staple during the holidays to see on television, passed on from generation to generation, with those loveable Peanut characters. The cartoon never changes, but never gets old.

Well, the Waterfront Theatre at Granville Island, does a fantastic job of bringing this feel-good Christmas show to life.


I have to say, I didn’t know what to expect when we first went, and I took my three year old, I felt that a show such as this should be catered to entertaining a toddler as well as adult. I was pleasantly pleased. My son watched the entire thing, at one point even on his feet swaying to popular Charlie Brown beats. I thought they nailed it…every line, everything down to Linus’ blanket and Lucy’s hair was captured. The cast does a great job of bringing each character to life. Their outfits, their mannerisms, their funny banter, it’s all there. The stage is bright, the music is completely live (they cover some great Christmas tunes), and you even have snow (well plastic snow).

The show being entertaining is one thing, but I think something that makes it special, especially for the kids, is the talk back segment. At then end, the cast and crew introduce themselves and give the audience a chance to ask questions. They are completely open about the secrets of the production and you can tell everyone loves being there.

The intimate setting of this theatre makes it a perfect venue for this show, you are comfortable, you feel connected and no seat is a bad seat.


I definitely recommend taking age 3 and up, especially if they have seen the Peanut cartoons previously. The younger kids did seem to have to take breaks, which is understandable. So if you are looking for a fun and entertaining family holiday play, I think this is a win.

A Charlie Brown Christmas plays at the Waterfront Theatre, on Granville Island until December 31st. Visit the website for show times and tickets: http://www.waterfronttheatre.ca/coming-soon/charlie-brown-christmas/

All photos used are courtesy of The company of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Photo by Tim Matheson.

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