Dance to the Beat of Their Drum | A Toy Your Kids Will Love!

Do your little ones dance to the beat of their own drum? Mine do!

Both of my wonderful boys have strong personalities and they both love music. Music and dancing are great distractions in our house and it is amazing to see what sounds are simply “noise” to me and “music” to them. We have quite a variety of toys and I will admit that the basket of instruments usually stays in the pantry for most of the day so I can keep my sanity.

Until the Musical Band arrived…

photo (22)

My boys absolutely love playing with it and making their own music. I was pleasantly surprised to see little O is just as good at drumming as Mr. H even though he is that much younger. In my opinion, this is a toy that can be enjoyed by children as young as 12 months (with supervision) all the way up to five years. The simple design is really inviting and requires no explanation.



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