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Walking into D’Karas was truly exciting!

Not only was I in an area of the city that I don’t frequent often enough, but walking in to the salon completely put me at ease!

I am not one to… ever… get my hair done, so while I was VERY excited, I had been nervous all day.

Walking in, I was instantly greeted by friendly, smiling faces! I was taken back and offered a coffee – and anyone who knows me knows that is an instant way to my good books!

A nice chat with the owners and we were on our way!


Karly, part owner and the main stylist at the salon, was vibrant and full of personality! As any good stylist should be!

I went in not really knowing exactly what I wanted, but told her that I loved the purple that they carry and was thinking something ombre-ish – and she ran with it!



While my hair lifted, I was able to completely take in the fabulous atmosphere and listen to the upbeat music.

The stylists were a fabulous, and chatty, and were more than comfortable with me snooping around and using their table to go through my day planner and make updates!

While I did get to see quite a few of the owners family members come through, I was able to see the stylists treat all of their clients like family.

They knew everyone by name, and chatted with regulars as if they had just seen them yesterday.

I loved the environment!


I ended up coming home with fabulous, fun and flirty, ombre PURPLE hair!  It looked fun, and I love it!

Overall, I could not have enjoyed my afternoon at D’Karas more!


The family-esque run salon gets its name from a combination of the two owners names (Darren and Karly), and their daughter.

D’Karas was established in 2013, and they are passionate about what they do!

Their variety of services is incredible, and the coolest part is that they cater to ALL children, woman, men, and a huge variety of ethnic backgrounds! From African American to East Indian. D’Karas has you covered!

Fathers Day is coming up, and I can’t think of a better way to help dad celebrate than to send them down to D’Karas for a hair cut and a straight razor!  Make sure to give them a call to check our their Fathers Day Special!

You can get D’Karas on the phone at 204.667.8655, and go and check them out at 3-1320 Concordia Ave. East.

You can visit their website, and check out a full list of products and services that they offer!

**Modern Mama Members! Did you know that you receive 10% off at D’Karas Salon?!  Just flash them that beautiful membership card!**

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