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Doula Pantry Natuals is a fabulous company in Ontario, who has spend the last 18 months perfecting the Milk Booste lactation cookie.

Breasfeeding moms everywhere can have a great boost in milk production, easier flow, and a delicious treat!

But do they really work?!

One of our Modern Mama’s here in Winnipeg was my ‘guinea pig’ to test them out, because I am not nursing at the moment, and here is what she had to say!

“”..they taste good and they seem to do exactly what they say.  Give your milk supply a boost.  I would also say that another added benefit would be they are quick and easy because moms don’t always have time to get food into themselves!” – K. Dalke

Katelyn ate 3 cookies a day for just over a week, and started to notice a difference around day 3! She noted that she filled more quickly, had to release tension more often, and has an easier time nursing.

I happened to sneak in a cookie (or two) before I took her the samples to try, and I can testify that there were very delicious!

For moms, benefits include:

  1. Reduction in the risk of breast and ovarian cancer
  2. Promotes bonding with baby
  3. Milk is available around the clock as needed and always the right temperature

For babies, benefits include:

  1. Promotes optimal brain development
  2. Boosts babies’ immune systems
  3. Can protect babies from developing allergies

Every Mama wants the best for her baby, and sometimes breastfeeding is hard! Sore nipples, always being ‘on call’, a sore back, and of course the issues of milk supply.

The creators of Milk Booste, who by the way are two wonderful ladies, have made a commitment to help you get a high quality cookie, with high quality nutrition, and a high quality taste!

In Modern Mama’s opinion, they sure have succeeded!

Are you a nursing Mama? Or a pregnant Mama who is planning to breastfeed?!  How about 2 Bags of the Milk Booste cookie from Doula Pantry to help you along your way?!

One lucky mama will WIN 1 bag of Chocolate Quinoa and 1 bag of Oatmeal Raisin Milk Booste cookies!  Use the form below to enter!

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Want to learn more about Doula Pantry? Be sure to stop be their webpage!

Keep up with Doula Pantry by following @doulapantry on twitter, and liking their Facebook Page!

Have you tried Milk Booste before?!  Let me know what you thought!

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