Easy DIY Easter Egg Fun with Little Ones

DIY Easter Egg Fun

It’s Easter egg time!!!

I love creating fun around this time with the kids, however little. There is something so cute about bunny ears, baskets and hunting for eggs. I loved it as a child and want to continue it with my kids. What I also remember doing? At home and at school, DIY Easter egg creations.

Yes Toddler can Make Easter Eggs Too!!!

One of the biggest things with DIY Easter eggs, is, of course, the mess, and the chaos of an art project that can occur with a toddler. They want to get in on the fun, but the clean-up is sometimes not worth it.

Well, we have drummed up a few ideas that may work well, no mess, no fuss, and still lots of fun.

DIY Easter Eggs

Crayon and Go

There are two variations on this one.

  1. Take your, boiled, egg, and have your child draw on it with a white crayon, however they please and set aside. Then, and you can do this part yourself, dip the egg in the food colour, and set to dry. Have them watch their creations come to life, they love seeing this!
  2. Have them go at it with just colouring the egg with crayons. There is no rule book saying that it must be painted…colour away with no mess! The results are so adorable.

Stickers for the Win!

My toddlers love stickers. Stickers can be put on plain paper and they love it. So, go and find stickers of their favourite characters, and have them decorate themed eggs. It’s simple but still, has a personal touch. Again, the kids love seeing themed Easter eggs (I mean really, who wouldn’t want a Minnie Mouse or Paw Patrol Easter egg).

Easy Mosaic Eggs

The original version of this method includes gluing pieces of actual coloured shells onto the eggs and creating beautiful patterns. However, we can have a similar effect with less work. Cut up (or buy) some confetti (I recommend tissue paper or something not too granular) and place in a tray. Place some glue stick glue on the egg and pass to your child to roll in the tray. Have them fully cover it up. That’s it.

No matter which one you try, the end results are actually pretty. What’s more is you did something with the kids they will love, and you will not have a giant mess on your hands!

Have fun!


*Images courtesy of Shutterstock

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