Errands Day with Kids


Did you know that Return-It Depots now offer Express Service that make running errands easier than ever when it comes to your bottle refunds and recycling?


Return-It Express drop-off also means faster, cleaner and the simplest way to get your bottle deposits back through cheque or gift card, OR donate them to a charity of your choice easily.

I incorporate my bottle drop-offs with the Return-It Express service so that I am not spending ANY time sorting my bottles, and so that my girls and I can get on with our day, especially in this beautiful summer weather!
Today, we gathered up our empties at home, packed up the car and did a few errands all at once, including groceries, the car wash, and unpacking from our recent Summer vacation.

The reward for participating in my must-do household errands was going for a cool slushy drink together afterward!ErrandsWhat are some other mommy duties you do with kids in tow?

Here are some tips to get through them painlessly:

  1. After keeping your empty beverage containers in a clear/blue recycling bag throughout the week, drop it off at the Express Return-it depot  nearest you
  2. Select grocery stores now offer online shopping with delivery or curb-side pickup
  3. Plenty of pharmacies now offer drive-thru service (what could be more convenient with a sick child in tow?)
  4. Bring snacks along for younger children who may grow impatient while going from stop to stop.
  5. Use a DVD player in the car or device to play their favourite show or movie.
  6. Finally, my personal fave, take them for a slushy drink or hot chocolate after you’re done everything as a reward for helping out and/or behaving.

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To use the Return-It Express service (you don’t have to sort, and you just drop off in transparent recycling bags!), register online with your phone number. It takes about 2 minutes:

  1. To sign up for your free Return-It Express account, visit and register with a phone number.
  2. With Return-It Express there’s no need to sort. Simply place your empty beverage containers securely into a “Blue” or transparent bag.
  3. Visit a Return-It Express kiosk at one of the locations listed and use your registered phone number to access your account.
  4. Select how many bags you have and where you want to deposit your refund. You can either choose your account or select one of the charities listed on the screen.
  5. Once you’ve finished, the kiosk will print off labels for you to stick on each bag. It’s important each bag receives it’s own sticker.
  6. Place your bags into the Express Kiosk drop off area and you are done.  They will count and refund your deposit. It’s that simple.
  7. Go online to check the status of your account or to redeem your refunds for e-gift cards, a cheque or a charitable donation.

Good luck with your next errand day!


*sponsored by Return-It Express


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