Fake Camping With Kids

Fake Camping With Kids

This Fake Camping With Kids post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Coleman Canada. All opinions are 100% mine.

Fake Camping with kids Is the Best!

I’ll admit, I don’t like “roughing it”, and I’m not outdoorsy, and I don’t hike either. So there’s that.

But I have kids, and kids like camping and playing outdoors, so as one does, we do things for our kids.

So I’m here to tell you all about Fake Camping, and how to do it and have fun family time!

There are two ways to fake camp – backyard camping, and what I like to call ‘amenities-camping’.

The girls and Luna couldn’t wait to get in, even before we got the cover in place!

Let’s start with the one that requires less work, time and money:


This is a fantastic way to test the waters and see if your family would even enjoy real camping or ‘amenities-camping’.

Pitch a tent in your backyard!

Go all out, bring out flashlights and sleeping bags and games and cards. Looking for some new ideas? Pinterest up some camping bingo or scavenger hunts for the kids. I included some of my favourite pins below!

We pitched our new Coleman Dark Room tent in the yard for the girls to play in on the long weekend and they loved it! It was their idea to bring out cards and played in there for a couple of hours together! With the dogs, of course!

The Coleman Dark Room tent keeps out 90% of sunlight and also keeps the tent much cooler because of this (25% cooler to be exact). My memories of true camping as a teenager include waking up sweaty in a hot tent – no thanks! Not in this tent! The WeatherTec™ system will also keep you dry with it’s welded floors and inverted seams. (Plus, this 4-person tent is only $149.99!)


This is real camping to me. What it means is:

  • choose a campground within a one hour drive from home for easy access
  • must have plenty of washrooms and showers on site
  • it must be near several restaurants (because I don’t want to have to cook at the campground, at all)

We did this a couple of years ago and the girls loved it! We packed up our tent, sleeping bags, air mattresses, marshmallows, warm clothes, all of it, and drove out to a lake nearby.

Fake Camping With Kids

We pitched the tent, set up our fire for later in the night, and headed out to the nearest restaurant for dinner. This is why you have to ensure there are actually dinner and breakfast spots nearby.

After dinner, we settled around the fire, roasted marshmallows, and hit the hay when we’d had our fill of star gazing.

In the morning, we lazed around, had some morning snacks and then hit the road to breakfast at a restaurant.

Now you see what I mean about ‘amenities camping’ — all the amenities are available to us so that we’re not having to buy and bring food and cooking supplies!

Hint: I ensure we’re at a campsite near the washroom facilities as that makes Fake Camping With Kids a whole lot better.

Fave Pins with Camping Games:

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Happy Camping!


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