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We are currently in the thick of staying-at-home and focusing on social distancing. This is a very challenging time for so many people and so many small businesses. We love supporting local and wanted to do our part in showcasing some fantastic small businesses every week.

Falcon Artistry Specialty TattooThis week we spoke with Candice Falcon, the owner/artist of Falcon Artistry Specialty Tattoo. She has always been an artist and painter and have combined that with a passion for empowerment. Falcon Artistry’s main values are promoting self-confidence and acceptance with our self image and advocacy for breast cancer options. The “Specialty Tattoo” that is referenced, is Cosmetic & Restorative tattooing. Cosmetic tattooing is the enhancement of your natural beauty, affording you a low-maintenance lifestyle. This is the enhancement of your natural beauty in ways other services can only adjust temporarily. Restorative tattooing is the process of healing through tattoo, (such
as 3D appearance nipple tattoos after a mastectomy) creating a familiarity with yourself and moving forward.

Currently the studio is closed, but Candice is taking phone and zoom consultations to answer questions and booking appointments in the future with the understanding that your appointment may need to be adjusted due to current
circumstances. Gift certificates are also available.

Falcon Artistry Specialty Tattoo

What services do you offer?

In the cosmetic/ permanent makeup realm: As a list: Eyebrows: (so much more than microblading!), Eyeliner, Lips, Freckles and Beauty Marks Restorative services include: 3D appearance nipple tattoos after a mastectomy or chest surgery -The nipple pigmentation service includes tattooing pigment on existing nipples, and that can be for anyone for a variety of reasons. For post partum, the edge of the nipple shape can be adjusted and smoothed out through tattoo. For the transcommunity, after gender confirmation surgery, the nipples can be tattooed to increase size and proportion, or to blend scarring. During nipple grafting post surgery, there can be full or partial loss of nipples. Even without grafting, nipples can be created, similar to 3D appearance nipple tattoos after a mastectomy. -I also do pigmentation services for stretchmarks and scars and scar revision work to name a few other options. I am always open to hearing from you- what has been bothering you that you’ve been told/ made to feel there is no solution to mitigate? We are always eager to talk in a judgement-free environment, seeing if we can fulfill a custom solution for you, so you can feel better looking in the mirror.

What made you want to provide these services instead of traditional tattoos?

I have always been an artist and painter, but this specialization within the tattoo industry combines art with empowerment, which is one of my real passions. I am a MAJOR people person! I have a judgement-free studio space that caters to everyone and is custom to what we can achieve through tattoo to help you feel great about yourself! There is stigma and shaming around what we perceive to be “vanity.” This can negatively affect more than we realize, as everyone’s perception is different. The viewpoint around Permanent Makeup is changing and I want to further change people’s perspective by showing that they are enhancing natural beauty, giving themselves freedom, improving confidence, and living a low-maintenance lifestyle. I refer to myself as a “self image advocate” because I want us to think more about giving ourselves features that others may already naturally have. This isn’t vanity, this is realizing something we draw on every day anyway that impacts our lives and lifestyles. Some of my clients choose permanent makeup because they have shaky hands, have trouble with vision/putting on makeup with glasses, are allergic to makeup, don’t know how to do their makeup or just don’t have the time! Treat yourself to getting it done and off your mind. As for restorative work, (such as 3D appearance nipple tattoos after a mastectomy) if you have lost your breasts and nipples to cancer, you are allowed to have that piece of yourself back to close that chapter and move forward.

I love being there on a personal level for people, to see what we can do to change someone’s life and the way they view themselves is the best reward.

What are some things people should consider when choosing a
permanent makeup artist?

Reach out and feel comfortable with your artist, check their portfolio, do some research and feel like you know about your service before you get it. Consults should be free and your artist should be able to answer your questions and give you insight on whether your expectations are reasonable for their skill set and what will happen
during your appointment. How much do they hold themselves accountable in their business? Are they licensed/ health inspected? Are they investing in continuous training? It’s important to know that permanent makeup is an unregulated industry. There is a governing board your artist can apply to be accredited with, called the
SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) and an exam called the CPCP. (Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional.) That is important to look for in an artist as it shows a level of commitment to the profession. With the prevalence of quick courses (that are taught by other artists who don’t need a certain amount of training and experience) and new artists starting every day, Price and proximity should not be your biggest determining factors. This is a permanent decision on how you perceive yourself and not everything is reversible. Poorly done permanent makeup can cause irreparable damage to your skin (migration under the skin, scarring, things that can’t be removed.) If your artist is referring to their services as “semi permanent” – there is no such thing. Your skin does not return back to it’s pre-tattooed state. This term is not ethically allowed to be used by members of the SPCP.

Falcon Artistry Specialty Tattoo

Can you still wax brows after tattoo has healed?

Of course! The perk is that you can wax without worries after your tattoo has healed because you don’t have to worry about losing your shape! Sometimes a wax can go a little thinner than usual, or can be inconsistent with your prior shape, so having the definition of the tattoo takes away that stress. Having the shape there helps easily
determining which hairs should be removed outside of your shape.

What age do people have to be to get tattoos?

Our studio policy, like most tattoo shops, is people must be 18+ to be tattooed.

How long does it take your type of tattoos to heal?

In tattooing, there are two basic stages to healing. The initial healing period is approximately 2 weeks, where you need to be taking care of your tattoo so it heals properly. The tattoo forms a light scab as it heals, then falls off. Once the scab is off, you are finished your tattoo aftercare and can get back to normal life! (Not all services
take the same amount of time to heal, lips heal initially quicker at 5 days!) The second stage is good to know about, because when the scab comes off initially, the tattoo appears lighter underneath. The skin is regenerating, causing the tattoo colour to come back to the surface, adjusting and evening out in shape and colour until that healing
period has completed.

Falcon Artisty Specialty Tattoo

What is one thing that you would want to let breast cancer survivors know about your services to make them more comfortable about having nipple tattoos?

The one thing I would want people to know is you have the choice of artist, you don’t need a surgeon referral. There is a high importance of the quality of your tattoo as well as your tattoo experience. For most of my clients, this is their first tattoo and there isn’t a lot of discussion on different options for this service, or that it even exists!

There are a lot of healing effects from getting these tattoos, but those effects are not felt if the tattoo is not realistic or does more damage when done by an unskilled practitioner. Each appointment has a built-in consultation to see the shape and colour before it’s tattooed and there are pictures to choose from on what is most similar to what you
had previously, (or we can do a fun shape like a heart!) Your appointment is something that you should feel excited about! It is so important to feel comfortable with the person you’re getting your service from and to be assured that
you get the full effects of healing and reconnection with your new body.

What is the approximate cost of tattoos you offer?

All prices are on the website and costs do vary depending on the service. The starting price is approximately $150 for smaller services such as freckles and some services have included follow up appointments. There are also reduced rate follow ups for adding to or refreshing in your first, second or third years from your initial appointment. One of the benefits to follow ups, is you can start more conservatively and build up in another appointment to get used to it first. Follow up appointments include adding to your service, not just a “touch up” on what is already there.

For someone who was considering getting stretch marks tattooed over what would you want them to know? Would it be harder if they were older vs newer?

The ideal candidate for this service has stretchmarks that are a few years old and are lighter than the surrounding skin tone. If the stretchmarks are still red or darker than the surrounding skin, this service will not blend with the skin. It’s important to have realistic expectations and know that this service is to blend and camouflage to take away the initial contrast that is seen. Reach out! Consultations are free and encouraged if you are unsure if you are a good candidate. In consultations we go over expectations and possible solutions that are custom catered to what works for you. You can also send a photo to to confirm as well!

Thank you to Candice for participating in this week’s Small Business Sunday feature.


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