Finding Coupon Codes for Bath & Body Works

I am a pretty big online shopper. So I’m always looking for coupon codes, discounts, and free shipping deals.

At this time of year, my girls (two of them) have birthdays in November, plus two other family members, and then Christmas in December makes for some busy (and expensive) shopping months.

So every single time I head to the ‘Add To Cart‘ and ‘Checkout‘ area to make a purchase, this is staring right back at me, waiting. Just waiting for me to enter a magical code that will reduce the bottom line.

So where do you go look for the coupon code? Do you just search Google, blindly? No!

You find the deal sites that are reliable for keeping track of these codes and ensuring their validity and user feedback regularly.

So, let’s walk through some online holiday shopping at Bath & Body Works, shall we?

Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love Bath & Body Works? You can cover SO MANY people on your list with one store, one ship, one shop.

Let’s see …

  • Teachers
  • Daughters
  • Sports coaches
  • Mother-in-law
  • Mother
  • Best Friend
  • Daughter’s Best Friend
  • Therapist
  • Fellow car-pool Moms
  • Secret Santa at the office
  • Gift exchange with book club moms
  • Moms group blind gift game
  • The hamper your friends or neighbours are putting together

Woah, that’s thirteen gifts in one online swoop!

Shopping for thirteen gifts in one shop means it is most definitely worth finding the coupon code to save (more than) a few dollars.

I’ll show you how, without resorting to scouring Google or emailing all your friends asking for their latest in-store coupon.

First, visit Dealspotr. It’s the “Wikipedia of deals”. It is a community site for people like you and me to share and use coupon codes, learn about sales and get deals. I’m going to go to Dealspotr’s Bath & Body Works’ store. Come follow along…

If you know what store you’re looking for (and, in this case, we do), Click Stores

Click on Name (A-Z)

and browse through the stores by alphabet:

You can browse the stores easily this way, but I personally found it faster just to start typing the store name, “Bath & Body …” in the search bar. It came up quickly and this method was much faster:

After I arrive at the Bath & Body Works store on the site, I’m shown a list of plenty (69!) deals and coupon codes! So, being as how I’m going to be doing some major shopping on the site (Remember those 13 gifts I need to buy? Well, it’s actually more than that due to the four family birthdays we have in November and having three daughters’ stockings to stuff!) I’m going to immediately begin to look for the BEST deal I can find.

As I’m scrolling through this page, I see there are a total of 30 deals on the page and an additional 39. Many of which are 20% off codes. But, I’m feeling extra frugal and I want more than that.

I see there are several. One 25% off at Amazon and one 25% off directly at Bath & Body Works. Let’s see which (or if both pan out):

I added the Warm Vanilla Sugar 8oz Body Lotion to my cart at both Amazon and with the code COZYUP25 on the Bath & Body Works site to compare pricing:

On the store’s website, the coupon code is applied successfully and shipping is only $5.99 as shown:

But on Amazon, the discounted price of the product is a greater saving than the cost increase of the shipping. Plus, if I had ordered more products (or gifts, as it may), I would have received free shipping also.

So, you see you can very quickly visit a store on Dealspotr and find the BEST possible deal on products and purchases you were going to make anyway, saving you money.

Dealspotr is also a community. When you use a coupon code, it asks you if it was successful so that they can improve to help more people save.

Pin it for later:

Some other popular stores I was excited to find on the site include plenty of cosmetics brands (my daughter will love me!), Old Navy, Forever21, Under Armour, Keurig, GAP and so many more shops I buy at regularly.

So tell me, are you a frugal shopper – always looking for a deal like me – or not?

*Sponsored by Dealspotr. All opinions expressed are my own, as usual.
*Storefront photo from Flickr creative commons. Others: Shutterstock.


  1. 1

    Both of the featured sites are American and are in US currency, and minimum shipping directly from Bath & Body Works is $9.99 USD. Does Dealspotr apply to any Canadian sites? Would be nice to feature one of those.

    • 2

      Hi Chelsea, I made sure to choose a store that ships to Canada and is popular with Canadians to feature in this post. But, yes, Canadian stores like Indigo are on the Dealspotr site also! Happy Shopping!

  2. 3

    I am frugal also and shop online, as let’s face it – shopping with a toddler is no fun! Crew cuts has free shipping and I shop end of season when they have crazy deals. Same with Zara, Banana Republic, RW&Co. I also look for deals on vinyl with urban outfitters and always do GapCash.

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