Getting Back to Basics with Ford of Canada #FordBackToBasics

I had the opportunity to visit the amazing Fraser River Lodge with Ford of Canada for a weekend of getting ‘Back to Basics’ recently. We learned about emergency kits, changing flat tires and checking the oil, along with some fun stuff like fishing, wine-pairing and making the perfect s’mores (my kind of basics!).


Here we are: eight bloggers + three Ford peeps posing with a traditional map to say ‘Hey, you should be able to read a paper map, not just follow a GPS in your car’ (although Ford does have a pretty sweet system for that).


I thought the Active Park Assist (hands-free parallel parking) was amazzzzzing. And very weird to control the speed and braking but not the steering. I could really use this for parking in Vancouver!


Robin Buck, a Canadian professional driver and racing superstar went over some driving and emergency basics with us – like “Look Where You Plan To Go” – in other words, if you’re looking at the ditch during a potential crash situation, you will definitely hit the ditch, so be sure to keep your eyes on the road, always.


Meeting new people (and seeing old friends) was my absolute favourite part of the weekend. We had a fantastic meal, great wine-parings and even enjoyed s’mores by the fire (yes, you can do that in February on the West Coast)!

The Fraser River Lodge was beautiful, rustic, and so cozy.

IMG_5515 IMG_5456

After a restful night in the beautiful Lodge, we went Sturgeon fishing in the Fraser River. I got suited up in my hip-waders (provided by the Lodge, of course, I don’t actually own hip-waders) and off we went in three boats.




It was a stunning and calm day out on the river, with the sun warming us.


We just happened to be the unlucky boat who did not catch any Sturgeon. The other two had success and at the very last moment when the rest of us were already ashore they caught an 8 foot, 300 lb Sturgeon!


Throughout the weekend we also got to drive some vehicles, of course. I drove the Ford Fusion Hybrid out to the Lodge from Vancouver which was a nice smooth ride, although for cargo capacity, this vehicle would not work for my family. I also had a little fun and took the Ford Mustang out for a spin. After fishing and lunch, it was time to take the 90 minute drive back to Vancouver and I had the pleasure of driving the Ford Escape.



Don’t I look suitably outdoorsy? I tried hard to select a ‘country, outdoors’ wardrobe for the adventures.

It was a fun weekend, thank you to everyone at the Ford of Canada team (Michelle, Jim & Judy) and all the other bloggers who made it a truly fun two days.

Photos 1-4, 7-11 courtesy of Ford of Canada.

* I was not compensated to write this post, however was invited by Ford to experience the Back to Basics weekend. All opinions expressed are my own.


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