Give Books As Gifts This Mother’s Day

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I am not a believer in receiving appliances as gifts, I would much prefer a book, or five of them. (Buy the appliances you want when you want and/or need them, is my view.) If my husband bought me a vacuum, blender, mixer, toaster or any other ‘useful’ household appliance for Mother’s Day (or any other occasion as a gift, for that matter), he would be in the doghouse.

So here are my picks for Mother’s Day book gifts:

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1 | Animal Kingdom by Millie Marotta

An adult colouring book I’ve had my hands on for just over a week now and me and all three of my girls are in love with. We have spent countless hours together each colouring a page from this book. We love it so much I just went out and bought an extra-large pack of markers today so we’d have even more colours to chose from for our artwork. I love it!

2 | The Fringe Hours, Making Time for You by Jessica N. Turner

I’m always saying that to be a better mother, I need to take care of myself first. This book gives me the permission and motivation to take every slice of time I can to practice self-care and explore my passions and me-time.

3 | The Joy Of Missing Out by Christina Crook

The Joy of Missing Out considers the technologically focused life, with its impacts on our children, relationships, communities, health, work and more, and suggests opportunities for those of us longing to cultivate a richer on- and off-line existence.

4 | Superfood Snacks by Julie Morris

Cookies packed with protein. Savory crackers that help balance blood sugar. Chocolate truffles bursting with anti-aging antioxidants. With benefits like these, you’ll never look at snacks the same way again!

 5 | Momosas, Fun Alcohol-Free Drinks for Expecting Moms

While all your friends are sipping martinis, what’s a mom-to-be to do? No need to feel left out: you can enjoy a delicious “momosa” mocktail instead! This hip little book serves up more than 130 tasty nonalcoholic beverages perfect for pregnant women, designated drivers, and anyone (of any age) who wants to party in style.

So there you have it, just send a link to your hubby and send him off to the bookstore with the kids before Sunday rolls around.

Happy Mother’s Day week everyone!


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