Great Ideas: Create your own Baby Marketplace Amongst Friends!

baby marketplace
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Cougar via Compfight

My good friend and super mom of 2, Peggy, came up with a great idea earlier this year. She created a “Baby Marketplace Amongst Friends” group on Facebook. It’s a private group and the idea is this – you may not want to buy a used car seat from a stranger on Craigslist, but you would likely consider buying it from a friend, or a friend of a friend. There’s a more trusted network there.

So, Peggy created the group and sent it off to her friends. We joined and then invited our friends! Peggy makes sure the only people who join the group are either her personal friends or friends of her friends. This keeps the network reliable and more personal.

Even with this requirement the group is nearing 400 members already!

It’s a fabulous idea. Consider starting one with your circle of friends.

A few observations from the group so far:

  • Some fabulous toys and baby gear (most lightly used) have been sold, and quickly too!
  • Moms get to ask other moms advice for things, like “who has a family doctor and how do you like them?” or, “I need a part-time nanny – any ideas?”
  • You can use the power of groups to get better deals. A group of people joined up to put in an order for 8 Britax Car Seats, giving them a group discount

Again, hats off to Peggy for her great initiative. If you like the idea, consider starting your own private group on Facebook, invite your friends, and see it grow!

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