Holiday Travel Made Easy

Whether you are travelling a short distance or a long distance this holiday season the struggle of keeping the kids entertained along the way is real. On top of the usual stress of travelling you add in the “Holiday Angst” or Hussle and Bussle; unpredictable road conditions and all of the presents and extra stuff that you will be bringing along; phew! I’m tired just thinking about it. I have three children under the age of seven and this video had me laughing out loud (in the this is too real kinda way).

Thanks to modern technology and Netflix, travelling with kids doesn’t have to be daunting and you don’t have to bring allllll the stuff to keep them entertained. See that is the beauty of being able to download Netflix shows on to your tablet/device/iPad, you can bring your favourite shows with you everywhere! Now i’m not saying you only need Netflix, but it’s been a game changer for us. Important to note: I would also pack some of your child’s fave snacks, a book and a small activity or toy and a pair of headphones in case someone is sleeping and someone else is not. Since each of my three kids has their preference of Netflix shows I have preemptively downloaded a couple of their fave shows as well as a couple episodes of shows that I think they might all enjoy. For those who are wondering, my oldest is loving Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters; my middle child is back and forth between Beat Bugs and Super Monsters; and my youngest is all about Paw Patrol (at least there are new episodes out now!). I also downloaded a couple episodes of the new Magic School Bus, Luna Petunia and Word Party.

holiday travel made easy

Okay so the kids are covered and so is your sanity, but don’t forget to plan for yourself and your partner as well! Snacks and entertainment for Mom and Dad are just as important and are often forgotten and since this is such a busy time of the year it is often hard to find some down time. So whether you are on the road, staying at a hotel, or staying with family you might be able to squeeze a little Netflix in here and there! I have the second season of Stranger Things downloaded on my Ipad and it is calling my name, unfortunately it has to wait until we are on the road this holiday season.

**When I say on the road I do not mean when I am driving, rather when I am a passenger and when my kids are quietly enjoying their shows. Don’t forget to bring some ear buds for yourself as well!**

Will you be travelling this Holiday season? Let us know where you are heading and what your sanity saving tips are!







**I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team, however all opinions expressed above are my own.**

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