Home Organization: Small Bathroom Solutions

A few of the products in my bathroom have been previously gifted but none for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own.

In our previous house we had the best bathroom: It was square shape, so two of us could be in the space without it being smooshy and it had a floor to ceiling shelving unit with seven drawers and cupboards combo. With having more space, I filled it with both products that we use and things that we could have lived without. When we moved, the bathroom in the new house is way smaller than the previous. It has a half-drawer and two cupboard spaces, including under the sink. The bathroom does need an additional shelf that can be fit in the cupboard but I haven’t added it yet. Behind the toilet is the mirror and the counter top comes out a bit so I couldn’t put an over-the-toilet shelving unit. The benefit of the smaller space is that it made me re-evaluate what products that are needed and get creative with the storage options. One of the things that having a small space has really showcased is that we use too many single use plastic products which is something I will be working on eliminating in 2020. This is how I successfully downsized into a smaller space and how it is functional for us:


The room has space that a towel rack could be installed but currently there is not one. I have utilized the back of the door and added hooks for towels and bathrobes. I had normally stored our towels in a cupboard in our previous house. I donated character towels that my daughter had lost interest in and downsized the amount that are needed in the new house. Due to lack of storage the towels not hanging on the door are kept in a different closet. Without this storage I could have eliminated any additional towels that wouldn’t fit on the back-of-the-door and just increased how often I wash them.

Toilet Roll Stands

Previously toilet paper was stored under the sink but wasn’t a reasonable use of the space in this bathroom. Toilet roll stands are not the most aesthetically pleasing in my opinion but I did find that keeping it in the awkward space between the shower and toilet was necessary in our house. The remaining rolls are kept in a hallway closet.

Counter Space

I like very little visual clutter in this space. I find frequently that things are left on the counter so it can turn into a mess too quickly. The benefit of having the long skinny counter space behind the toilet is that I can use it for décor and essentials like Kleenex. The odd shape of our serums and moisturizers made finding a small drawer system, for the counter, a bit challenging so we are displaying with a candle holder until something more suitable is found. I downsized candles that I had previously displayed on the counter.


The one lonely drawer is a bit smaller than our previous bathroom drawers. I may opt to get a smaller organizer but this cutlery sorter works perfectly for now. I have used this one for years and I find it is the perfect place to store all small essentials. The move has definitely showcased that we own too many nail clippers. I find when everything has a spot where it belongs it is easier to put it away and has worked for having my daughter put things away after using them. This drawer just fits the organizer, where in the previous house there was still space beside to fit our hair brush and extra toothpaste. The smaller space has just forced to evaluate the need to pre-purchase items or buy on an as needed basis.


Baskets and similar containers are a must for me in small spaces. I didn’t purchase bins for this space specifically but re-used ones that I previously owned which was cost effective but a bit more challenging to make everything fit. The first cupboard space that I have needs a shelf for additional storage but did not come with the house. My daughter and I each have a container that we keep our daily products in (lotion, facewash, hair products, deodorant). The middle is extra products that we both use. Under the sink, I have a two level bin that I keep wash cloths in and random items such as bun covers, cotton balls, bath bombs and my makeup. Previously I had stored our hair straightener and similar tools. The larger bin previously held our bathroom cleaners but now holds random hair tools, teeth whitening kit and menstrual products. The other containers hold: product samples, scrunchies, bobby pins, elastics and razors.

Let me know in the comments if you have any storage tips for small bathrooms.


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